Hutchison Samples to Be Analysed

From: adjohnsondp

Date: 2018-02-20 11:26:32

Attachments :I have been in communication with Bob Greenyer of MFMP for a while now and he is planning to do some analysis on a range of samples that John sent to him a few weeks ago. Bob has posted a few close-up photos of the samples here:  You can keep an eye on his “SteemIt” blog to see if/when any results get posted. You might need to sign up for Steemit (which is deliberately tortuous), it seems.  Hutchison Samples given names, in preparation for analysis.mfmp (53) in steemstem •  2 months agoThe names below will be used for each sample as they are further analysed.01 – The Steak02 – Splinter03 – Chaos04 – Fracture05 – Pizza Slice06 – Impression07 – Drill Bit08 – The Wedge09 – Flake10 – Ball Burn11 – The Chip12 – Cut Mushroom13 – Tree Stump14 – The Slug15 – Metal Mix16 – The Meteorite17 – Spaghetti18 – Twisted Coral19 – The Elbow20 – The Knee21 – SpannerIf there is anything you would like to know about the above samples please comment below.Please credit John Hutchison and MFMP if re-using these photos.      

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