Aldrin’s Peculiar Answer to an 8-year old Girl – 5 Sep 2015

Thanks to Heidi for alerting me to this. Aldrin was at the National Book Festival, Washington D.C 5 Sep 2015

This has recently appeared on Facebook suggesting it is a new video from July 2018, but it is from 2015:… <… =v108-3&iax=videos&ia=videos&iai=Y4UP6nRMuGs> &atb=v108-3&iax=videos&ia=videos&iai=Y4UP6nRMuGs


Q: Why has nobody been to the moon in such a long time?

A: That’s not an eight-year-old’s question that’s my question. I want to know, but I think I know – because we didn’t go there and and that’s the way it happened and and if it didn’t happen it’s nice to know why it didn’t happen.

So in the future, if we want to keep doing something, we need to know why something stopped in the past that we wanted to keep it going.

Money is a good thing if you want to buy new things new rockets instead of keep doing the same thing over. It’s gonna cost more money – and other things need more money too. So having achieved what the president wanted us to do, and then what thousands millions of people in America and millions of people around the world – you know – when we toured around the world after we came back, the most fascinating observation as we… was… signs that said we did it not just, “us” – not just America but “we the world” – different country they felt like they were part of what we were able and have made us feel very good.



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