FW: Colin Andrews would like your support

Colin Andrews wants to put more of his crop circle research on the Web. I have been somewhat critical of him because he was not receptive to the truth about the thuggish Edgar Mitchell (sixth man to not walk on the moon). However, Colin Andrews has a wealth of data on the crop circle phenomena, which would be much better on the web than it would be elsewhere!


From: Colin Andrews <colinandrews415@yaho…&gt;
Sent: 26 August 2018 00:58
To: Colin Andrews <cprandrews@comcast.n…&gt;
Subject: Colin Andrews would like your support


Hello, I would love it if you took a moment to check out my GoFundMe campaign: www.gofundme.com/cro… Your support would mean a lot to me. Thank you so much! – Colin Andrews


– Colin Andrews:  colinandrews.net/
‘Lost in the Digital Age’-United Nations World Peace Project.


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