Lost Science – ebook by Gerry Vassilatos

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It’s a very interesting book – containing chapters about Tesla, Royal Raymond Rife, Nathan Stubblefield and Thomas Townsend Brown among others!


At the end of chapter 2, which is about an inventor name Antonio Meucci, who was prominent in the 1850s, it contains this text:


Eager to maintain their ascendancy in the annals of corporate America, incredible odds were marshalled against the aged Meucci by The Bell Company. In this determined counsel, we see the singular insecurity which frightens all secure investments. In truth, no investment is ever secure, when once discovery is loosed on the earth. What corporations have always feared is discovery itself. It is an unknown. In attempts to capture discoveries before they have time to take root and grow, every corporate megalith employs patent researchers. Their job is to waylay new company-threatening inventions. Inventors represent the true unknown. They are uncontrolled forces who truly hold the power of the economic system in their grasp. Were it not so, then corporate predators would not pursue them with such deliberate vehemence. No one can destroy an idea once it has made its appearance on earth. Discovery is neither controlled or eradicated by the powerful. Attempts at wiping out new technology mysteriously result in a thousand diversified echoes, moving in a thousand places simultaneously.


The above idea needs to be now considered in relation to the growth of the Military Industrial Complex following WWII – i.e. in relation to what Eisenhower stated in 1961 etc.


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