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Thanks to Anthony for these links:



Hi, Andrew.

The first part of this email has been sent to Richard D. Hall to pass on to you, but I had a little more to add so I decided to email you directly.


I watched your interview with Richard yesterday, and thought I’d send you a link or two that you might be interested in, if another viewer hasn’t already done so.

Firstly, the hexagonal moon crater.  If you follow this absurdly lengthy link (it won’t be the last), it takes you to the LRO view you were having difficulty finding.  Note the relatively poor quality of the image.…


The co-ordinates, should you need them, are:

LAT: -2.93909

LONG: -22.35681


These links relate to the specific LRO photograph, but I’m sure you have them already:

Medium resolution image…


High resolution image…


I think the problem may have been that the co-ordinates you were working on were the Principal Ground Points (PP), pinpointing the LRO’s absolute position above the moon’s surface.  The PP isn’t the most reliable to identify the photograph’s co-ordinates however, as most of the images were taken at a tilted camera angle.

Here’s a link to the Lunar Orbiter Photographic Supporting Data document, printed in 1971, which gives the co-ordinates of the corners of the LRO images themselves, along with the PP.  Much handier for locating an image on the LRO viewer.  Details of the hexagonal crater photograph can be found on page 254 of the document.…


Sorry, I can’t link directly to that file.

You mentioned that the image of the Chandrayaan anomaly has been removed from the Indian Space Science Data Centre website, which does seem to be the case.  For some reason the images taken between 14/11/2008 and 02/12/2008 seem to be missing.  I did however come across a different image of the same anomaly on the same website.  Here’s a Dropbox link to the image I downloaded:…


If you have a problem accessing it, let me know.  The anomaly is half way up the image on the right hand side.  Here’s a perspective-manipulated crop of it taken from the source file (the source image is stretched vertically, as you’ll see).



And here’s a link to the Chandrayaan anomaly seen in the LRO viewer:…


The co-ordinates, should you need them, are:

LAT:  78.00349

LONG: -6.71201


I hope the links are of some interest and/or use to you.





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