Brief comments on 2018 California Wildfires

I have received several messages, mainly on Facebook, regarding the repeated tragic events in California. As some people on this list will know, I wrote about this last year and recorded a chat (not really an interview) with Dr Judy Wood. You can read about that, and the reaction to it, here:


People have again asked me about the new fires and my response is the same. I don’t live in CA and haven’t seen the situation on the ground. In short, I, like many other posters haven’t investigated the events properly. Neither am I required to investigate them if I don’t have the desire to do so. Any situation that has a burnt car in it is now connected to 9/11 and DEW tech and this is a problem. I agree that is likely that “foul play” is involved. But, how many ways are there to start a fire? If people have read the WDTTG book or listened to or watched the videos, they should have learned that hot fires played a very small role in the events on 9/11. This is quite different to what has been very tragically playing out in California (this year and last). I’ve seen a video showing charred skeletons. As another example, alloy wheels on cars will melt in raging fires which are driven by wind from the weather, or the “firestorm” itself. There is mainly evidence of high heat here too (no unburned paper, for example). I’ve also seen still from 9/11 showing uncharred but disfigured bodies. So, we are looking at 2 different phenomena and I am not a fire investigator and neither am I paid to be one…. Back in September, I was still getting emails about the events of last year. For example, one person criticised me for not agreeing with him. I encouraged him to find more evidence of unusual effects and, to his credit, he did find a couple of videos that showed at least 1 inverted car, which I thought was unusual.……

I’ve repeatedly seen images like the one below reposted on facebook.

Image may contain: text and outdoor

Memes like this are, essentially, part of the 911 cover up. There were almost no hot fires on 9/11 – hence, nothing like the CA fires. Most of the badly affected houses are made of wood and though some people have pointed out the apparent lack of household items in the remains, closer/better investigation is needed to confirm this, as some of these items may sink into the foundations of these houses, in many cases.

A common theme with this has been the re-posting of images from different events, implying they are part of the same event. For example, a video someone sent me was from January 2018, not October/November and therefore referring to 2017 fires.


If people want to talk about “foul play” they need to make sure they’re looking in the right direction to gather evidence. This has not really been done.


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