David Noakes and GcMAF update

I should have sent this last week, although it came with an update from Ian R Crane (who I don’t trust – see my 2012 “Taboo of Disclosure” Presentation and/or the relevant chapter of “9/11 Holding the Truth”)


To conceal GcMAF, the body’s way of treating cancer, for another 25 years, the Medicines & Healthcare Regulatory Authority (MHRA) is prosecuting me (David Noakes) and others at Southwark Crown Court near London Bridge, at 10 am on Monday 19th November 2018.

GcMAF is a human protein, a human right, and the king of immunotherapies. It saves the lives of 75% of terminal stage 4 cancer patients, without side effects, at 1% the cost of chemotherapy. If it was put into the NHS it could save 120,000 lives a year, save the NHS £2 Billion on its drugs bill, and empty thousands of beds. It successfully treats over 50 other diseases.

We treated 11,500 people; 239 doctors chose it, and 1,400 patients around the world have submitted feedback on their excellent results with GcMAF. If you know someone who has died of cancer, they could have had a 75% chance of life if the MHRA had not concealed, and then banned, GcMAF.

There are 300 scientists behind GcMAF and 150 peer reviewed scientific research papers. Go to the American National Library of Medicine, or Pubmed, www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov… where 70 of the papers are re-published for a second time, and key in the papers’ numbers below, or key in GcMAF. Just three are shown here:

Pubmed 12659668 in the Journal Neoplasia “GcMAF inhibits angiogenesis and tumour growth in mice,” by seven Research Institutes in Japan, Berlin, Boston and Rhode Island USA. It shows six attacks GcMAF has on cancer. That is more attacks on cancer than any other molecule.


Pubmed: 20855083 The Second is by five of Japan’s top cancer research institutes, including the prestigious Atomic Bomb Institute of Biomedical Sciences, Nagasaki. On page four you can see the picture of the tumours before treatment, and below them, tumours shrunk 90% in three weeks by GcMAF.

Pubmed 24982371 The third paper, published in the most senior of cancer scientific journals, the Anticancer Journal, is one of the 33 scientific papers written by our scientists. At the end it shows GcMAF before and after scans of patients’ tumours shrunk by 25% in a week in one of our clinics.

The Medicines and Healthcare Regulatory Agency, the MHRA, has big pharmaceutical corporation directors on its board, and has conspired with others to conceal GcMAF from the public for 25 years. See mhracorrupt.st/

You can see all this online at gcmaf.se/   – press ESC and click Why Us.


Best wishes David Noakes CEO, Immuno Biotech




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