Bill Kaysing: The fastest pen of the West

I’ve updated this posting: Galuppini is an op/agent provocateur who has attached himself to Bill Kaysing’s legacy and now flushed it down the loo.

I just received this message from Albino Galuppini, who made me/us aware of the law suit that Bill Kaysing set up (then dropped) against Peter Hyams, who produced the Capricorn One “Hoaxed mars mission” film. Albino has written a biography of Kaysing and it has now been translated into English.

I understand Kaysing was kind and ethical man, which is why, of course he blew the whistle on the hoax. ================= My biography of Bill Kaysing is finally published in English. It contains many new information on the Moon Hoax and development of Moon Hoax conspiracy movement. Enjoy!

Biography of writer Bill Kaysing, author of We never went to the Moon:

Main points: 1) Origin of the book We never went to the Moon 2) Origin of movie Capricorn One 3) Alternative lifestyle THE FASTEST PEN OF THE WEST (part 1)…

1) Mysterious death of astronaut Jim Irwin 2) Evolution of Moon Hoax movement 3) Helping out homeless people THE FASTEST PEN OF THE WEST (part 2)… wo/paperback/product-23921794.html

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