Dulce Base and Cattle Mutilations – the REAL story…

For those that have come across and are interested in the Phil Schneider and Thomas Castello Alien Underground Base story in Dulce, New Mexico, you may be interested in an excellent book which was written and published in 2013 by Greg Valdez – the son of Gabe Valdez, who investigated many cattle mutilations in the Dulce area in the 1980s and 1990s. I won’t include the link here, but you can probably easily find a PDF online. I bought the Kindle version –


The book has A LOT of excellent info in connecting:

* Paul Bennewitz Case and Richard Doty
* Dulce “Alien Base”
* Kirtland Airforce Base
* Los Alamos National Laboratories (LANL)
* Directed Energy Weapons
* Secret Airforce/CIA aircraft – with Optical Stealth tech and novel propulsion.
* NIDS and Robert Bigelow
* The Aviary (alleged UFO experts group)

There is a paperback available – but it’s very expensive (probably because he only did a limited print run). It’s a riveting read – although slightly repetitive in places, but in a good way really. Sadly, the website with documents and photographs www.dulcebase.com is now offline and internet archive doesn’t seem to have much of it either (didn’t check all the copies though yet). However, there is an associated site – www.gabevaldez.com

It also does a good job of illustrating how the Dulce Story was “happening” near the end of the Cold War and, with this – and a big fire in the area of the Archuleta Mesa in 1996, the cattle mutilations all but stopped in that area.

In an interview, Greg Valdez gives an outline of what is in the book here:

So here is a spoiler alert for the book:

Valdez illustrates that essentially, Paul Bennewitz stumbled upon at least two top secret programmes (discussed below). Due to the way that things unfolded, Bennewitz actually was shown parts of the classified aircraft technology and a real crash site, but given the story that this was to do with aliens and alien spacecraft. Bennewitz had started to tell other people about what he had found, so was perceived as a threat to the secrecy of these programmes. Hence, Richard Doty and others were assigned to Bennewitz’s case and fed all the “alien” disinformation to Bennewitz to make his story seem crazy, so that only UFO buffs would pay attention to it, but they would never be able to prove anything of note. Bennewitz began to think that there was an alien invasion afoot (but this was all due to the way he was manipulated, without his knowledge, by the Air Force). Bennewitz was highly intelligent and much more persistent and thorough in his research than the Air Force anticipated. However, they managed to convince Bennewitz it was all the result of alien activity and so this made it easier for the truth to be covered up, in this case.

Greg Valdez lays out the evidence Bennewitz had “found” a secret satellite tracking programme (though he didn’t know this at the time) and an optically stealthy aircraft, which used some type of laser/light based propulsion system (he discusses a few details of this and makes a compelling case).

Valdez illustrates that an advanced type of aircraft was being used to visit and cattle and remove and return the carcases. This clandestine work was part of at least 2 other programmes – related to checking for radiation contamination in animal tissue in the area. Valdez also hints that secret biowarfare research was being done – and the cattle mutilations were probably somehow related to these experiments.

He rightly observes that Dulce is not that far away from where nuclear tests had been carried out for decades, as well as “nuclear explosive fracking” – which had been carried out in the 1960s as part of the “Atoms for Peace” programme. This was done at a site called Gasbuggy. Dulce is less than 100 miles from Los Alamos, where the bulk of the Project Manhattan work was completed in the 1940s.

However, Valdez implies (but does not openly state) that there is an underground base in the Archuleta Mountain and it is probably an “offsite laboratory” for Los Alamos. He implies that an aircraft could fly into this base – and it appears that this is what some people had witnessed. He notes that a vent was discovered in one location, as was a road, on the opposite side of the mountain to where a lot of the activity was observed. A nearby place called the “Redding Ranch” is also involved – where strange lookout towers (said to be hunting towers) are sited.

Once the evidence supplied by Greg Valdez is studied, it seems fairly clear, in this case, that any involvement of aliens in events at Dulce is minimal or non-existent. He does not rule out their involvement completely (even though some of the people who have left reviews of his book think he does), but points out the evidence only leads back to the CIA and the military and their black programmes.

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