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—–Original Message—– From: Richard D Hall – RICHPLANET.NET Sent: 28 January 2019 17:22 To: ad.johnson@ntlworld…. Subject: Early Brexit Film Release
Just to let you know I have released the latest Richplanet film “Exit from Brexit, The Jo Cox Departure”, early.
It is available on DVD now from this link,
Due to the current Brexit situation and claims in mainstream media that so called “far right” extremism is increasing due to Brexit, I felt that people need to see the content of the film as soon as possible. The media and politicians keep using the Jo Cox fake narrative to re-enforce a myth that asserts that certain people who support Brexit have either killed or are likely to kill due to their beliefs. This film exposes the truth about the Jo Cox incident and proves beyond reasonable doubt that Jo Cox was NOT killed by the man they have claimed.
PLEASE NOTE : The film will be available to watch free online soon. I have not decided on the exact online release date yet, but I will send out another email newsletter to you when it is available to view.
I will be talking about the film and other things at the up coming April tour,
Thank you,
Please do not reply to this email, to get in touch use link below,

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