Celine Dion, NuNuNuWorld and Satanic/Luciferian Symbolism

I don’t often post/link articles like this, but the content is worth being aware of. It appears that at least one segment of the Global Control Group is following a dark satanic agenda and in recent years, they have been putting out more and more blatant symbolism. A very recent example involves Celine Dion and a new line of baby’s “gender neutral” clothing she is fronting. I would warn you that it is deeply disturbing. Here is the actual website:




Here is the official promo video:



The article linked below explores this unsavoury development in more detail:




Another recent example of this type of blatant symbolism has appeared in the annual “Tomorrowland” Festivals






Another event that comes to mind is the opening ceremony of the world’s longest tunnel – the Gotthard tunnel in Switzerland:



Analysis: www.youtube.com/watc…



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