Bill Cooper – Sedona Arizona Speech 24 Sep 1989

William Cooper Moon Landing Hoax | Doovi

There are some interesting parts to this speech that I hadn’t heard Cooper say before, although much of it is in his “Behold a Pale Horse” book.

The 3 main topics are

  • “The Control Group” (CFR, Trilateral Commission and Bilderbergers)
  • Kennedy Assassination
  • The UFO Alien Cover Up  (most interesting part) – including abductions.
  • The way the mainstream media covers stuff up (he plays an example)

Much of what he says is very similar or the same as what I have concluded in the research I’ve done – decades after he did it.

Near the end, Cooper starts talking about pollution and climate issues, stating the world would be “uninhabitable” by approximately the year 2000 – I guess he hadn’t studied this area as deeply as the others…

Playlist of 4 parts (Total time approx. 3.25 hours)


Full video:

Full audio only:

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