Graham Hancock – “America Before”

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Thanks to Rob Dean for sending me this:

I must say that I do like Graham Hancock, and he is an excellent very engaging and passionate speaker, with much humility. This nearly-3-hour Joe Rogan podcast/video contains some new information that Hancock has published in his “America Before” book. Hancock is very candid about a number of things. But, he never mentions (to my understanding) groups like the Freemasons, certain people perhaps in the Zionist groups, who, I think are “keepers” of the knowledge he is trying to bring forward. Having listened to that Rogan Podcast is “2 or 3 sittings,” I do think that the thing I heard somewhere a few years ago from somewhere is probably correct. I think that groups like the Knights Templar, Freemasons, Rosicrucians etc are the keepers of the knowledge of the earlier “pre-diluvian” civilisation. These groups were probably set up by the survivors of the global cataclysm/flood in about 10,800 BC, within the smaller hunter gatherer-type groups and communities that managed to survive too. The earlier civilisation knew about agriculture and were responsible for the domestication of certain animals – a process which, as Lloyd Pye showed us (and I discuss a little in my free “Acknowledged” book), involved genetic engineering or manipulation.

Let us not forget that the structures these Freemasons and similar groups support and promote are the same ones responsible for suppressing information and committing crimes, using elements of their greater knowledge (of how to deceive the rest of us). This has lasted for millennia.

Also, Hancock said “we” a lot in relation to “fixing the world.” However, that is not a good use of language to me – it is “THEY” (the keepers of knowledge) that are responsible for the state of our world and setting up all the deception so that “we” are controlled and just behave within the parameters THEY set. Those like Hancock (and Rogan) who have either experienced psychedelics, or have “woken up” in another way, break out of the controlled environment. Hancock and similar speakers omit that it is the tyrants and “big secret keepers” who are responsible for the state of the world much, much more than we are. Hancock and others who use similar descriptions fail to make a proper distinction and lump people like you and me together with the likes of those who, for example, decided to “push the button” and destroy the WTC (just as an example of their mindset). So, yes, as Hancock says, we are a race with amnesia – but a race with “enforced amnesia.” 

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