Israel, the USA and… Directed Energy Research

Thanks (I think!) to Lisa Housermann for advising me of yet another troubling development in the machinations of psychos.

I hope the “3% chance of being enacted” is accurate……

H.R. 1795: United States-Israel Directed Energy Cooperation Act

To authorize the Secretary of Defense, upon request of the Ministry of Defense of Israel and with the concurrence of the Secretary of State, to carry out research, development, test, and evaluation activities, on a joint basis with Israel, to establish directed energy capabilities that address threats to the United States, deployed forces of the United States, or Israel, and for other purposes.

The bill’s titles are written by its sponsor.

Sponsor and status

Ted Lieu

Sponsor. Representative for California’s 33rd congressional district. Democrat.

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Last Updated: Mar 14, 2019 
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Mar 14, 2019


Introduced on Mar 14, 2019

This bill is in the first stage of the legislative process. It was introduced into Congress on March 14, 2019. It will typically be considered by committee next before it is possibly sent on to the House or Senate as a whole.


3% chance of being enacted according to




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