Ongoing Problems Accessing

PLEASE DO NOT WRITE TO ME ABOUT ACCESSING RICHPLANET.NET – Complain to your Internet Service Provider!

First, you should try to connect from another place – e.g. supermarket, pub etc if you can. Get a friend to check for you. If you can’t access the site, explain to your ISP we know that people using their service cannot access the site, but there is nothing wrong with it.

If your ISP won’t help then, you need to change your DNS servers to and This is a bit fiddly, but do-able – ask a tech-minded friend to help you. The procedure for doing this varies from device to device and/or router to router.

Also, you can access most of the videos from Richard’s YouTube channel. You can watch the RDH “Manchester” video on his website:

Also see this:



If you have stopped receiving Richplanet Updates then, once you can access the Richplanet website again, try re-adding yourself to the email list. 

Thanks for understanding.

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