RichPlanet Update and an Interesting Documentary on Bitcoin

As some readers may now, Richard’s video about the alleged Manchester Bombing was blocked by YouTube and so he is now using Vimeo (a service which is like YouTube, free to subscribe to, but you only get 5GB of storage for free). Here is a link to the latest show which includes analysis of Brexit (mainly of interest to UK viewers)…

To explain a bit more about the YouTube censorship, Richard made another (humorous) short video here:

It appears one or more UK ISP’s (BT internet and PlusNet) are intermittently blocking – if this is the case for you,  please read this post (no need to write to me). Complain to your service provider! (I had 3 messages sent to me after the recent update by Richard).

Bitcoin – Thanks to Nick J for Sending me this – it’s worth a watch (about 30 mins):…

If you want to learn a bit more about the basics of Bitcoin, watch this 15-minute video by Chris Barnet (a very good  – if geeky – lecturer who lives somewhere near me).

I am still undecided whether Bitcoin really will live up to its claims of removing the need for banks – the problem is that if you have enough computing power, the way it works can be influenced. We can all guess the sorts of groups that can afford the most computing power – or already have the most powerful/advanced computers in the world.


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