Grand Solar Minimum, Weather Modification and SOHO Images

In the last year or 2, there has been talk of increasing volume about the “Grand Solar Minimum” (GSM) – a term used to describe a low level of activity on the disk of the sun. For centuries, now, people with telescopes have been able to either project the image of the sun onto a screen/piece of card, or use a thick filter, and then count the number of dark spots on the disk. Never look at the sun through a telescope or binoculars – use image projection onto card! These dark spots are cooler areas of the sun’s surface, but if they could be viewed independently of the sun, in the night sky, they would still be brighter than the full moon.…

A higher sunspot count suggests the sun is more active. (There are also brighter areas on the sun’s disk, which are harder to see on a card-projected image. These are called Faculae – and they can just be seen on the image above.)

There is some evidence that the sunspot count can be used as a good indicator of a cooling effect on the earth. That is, in simple terms, if there are less sunspots, the average temperature on the earth is likely to be cooler overall. In chapter 5 of my free book “Climate Change and Global Warming… Exposed Hidden Evidence, Disguised Plans,” (abbreviated to CCGW book), I mentioned the Maunder Minimum – a period of low sunspot count, which seemed to coincide with “The Little Ice Age” (read that chapter to find out a little more!).

It is worth noting that the Sunspot activity (counts) tend to fluctuate over a period of 11 years – and the location of the spots on the disk varies over that same time period – with spots appearing in bands, further or nearer the sun’s equator.

thumbnail of butterfly diagram

NASA does not seem to use the term “Grand Solar Minimum,” but there has been some interest in a recent prediction they have made: “The Sun’s activity rises and falls in an 11-year cycle. The forecast for the next solar cycle says it will be the weakest of the last 200 years. The maximum of this next cycle – measured in terms of sunspot number, a standard measure of solar activity level – could be 30 to 50% lower than the most recent one. The results show that the next cycle will start in 2020 and reach its maximum in 2025.”

For those that want to question this NASA data, I suggest the get a cheap telescope and tripod and start keeping their own records. (Also remember that much astronomical data does not come from NASA, but from observers – professional and amateur – around the world.)

There  are some interesting websites about the “GSM” – such as thegrandsolarminimum… and…. I will leave you to study those for yourself, should you wish. What seems to be happening, though (and this is the reason for me posting this short article), is that the GSM is being seized upon as being the “next global catastrophe.” There seems to be a similar set of voices to those which said that Planet X would be returning to the Solar System and causing global cataclysms. Then, of course, we had the whole 2012 scenario – which amounted to, basically nothing really. I explored these themes, data and evidence in a presentation I put together in 2014.

It seems that some “preppers” are using the (real) solar minimum event to, once again, fuel fears and make predictions with a certainty level far beyond what is reasonable. This brings me to my main point (and the reason why I wrote the CCGW book). There is now yet another ingredient in the “Climate Change Cauldron” – catastrophic solar-induced global cooling as opposed to catastrophic human-induced warming. So the dialectic has been “stoked nicely.”

Now, it has become very clear to me that Weather Modification and control technology exists and was used on 9/11.

It is also clear (if you read the CCGW book) that research into weather control and modification appears to have been successful, since the early 1900s. Hence, even if the GSM or SM has a detrimental effect on our weather, I would strongly argue that the effects of it can be mitigated or worsened by those who possess and use weather modification technology. Those who ignore this evidence are not giving people the full picture. Evidence ignorance and denial is most common, in my estimation, in alarmists – individuals and groups.

Recently, a friend (who shall remain nameless, but it should be easy for someone to find out who I am talking about if they are able to look at my facebook profile) decided, after knowing me for about 14 years or so (and visiting me on quite a few occasions), that because I didn’t agree with him about the effects of the GSM, I must either be working for the intelligence services, or I was putting out disinformation. He implied that what I (and Dr Judy Wood) had presented about 9/11 was not true, etc. He refused to read my CCGW book and would not acknowledge that I already knew about the variation in Solar Activity (as discussed above) and I stated he could not reliably predict what the outcome of prolonged, reduced solar activity would really be. I feel confident in stating that no one else (in the white world) can reliably predict this either.

I am flagging this up as it is an example of peculiar – and unreasonable – behaviour, and it reminds me of the behaviour of a several people I have known when they have got “seduced” into believing the earth is flat, or having doubt introduced in their minds about the certainty of the earth’s shape.

Solar Wind, Flares and A Carrington Event

Weather and climate  changes seem to be triggered by some kind of interaction between the Solar Wind and/or the magnetic fields of the sun and the earth. The Black World physicists probably have a far, far greater understanding of how this works than the White World (mainstream) physicists who remain largely clueless, it seems. Interested readers can also study what those in the Electric Universe have to say about the Solar Wind, who are, perhaps, further forward in understanding these interactions.

While on the subject of Solar Flares, Coronal Mass Ejections and the Solar Wind, we can consider one thing that could cause a kind of “global catastrophe,” which isn’t mentioned very often (hardly ever in the mainstream) – a Carrington Event. Such an event happened on 1 Sept 1859 – where an enormous solar flare sends out masses of charged particles, which then severely disrupt the earth’s magnetic field. This induces strong currents in any unprotected electrical conductors – which can destroy electrical equipment of many kinds. If such an event happened again, the effects would be disastrous – as most of our technology would be disabled and rendered useless by the induced currents. Like an asteroid or small comet impact, this could happen at any time and we might have little or no warning. (For a Carrington event, if a large flare was observed, we might have a warning of about 30 hours.)…

SOHO and Solar Control???

In my book “Secrets in the Solar System – Gatekeepers on Earth,” I hinted at the incredible possibility that those who are able to influence or control the earth’s weather might also be able to affect the sun. Though the evidence for this suggestion is perhaps rather limited, it isn’t non-existent. If you are interested, please review Chapter 20 “Trouble in SOHO”

What does this image show? (You can find a copy on using the date/time shown on the image and putting it into the selector, with the SOHO C2 camera selected.)

Immediately following the posting of this article, I was contacted by the “unnamed” person, who made the comments shown below.

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From: Steve Collier <stevercollier@hotmai…>

To: “info@checktheevidenc…” <info@checktheevidenc…>

Date: 03 July 2019 at 17:33

Subject: Re: Grand Solar Minimum, Weather Modification and SOHO Images


Now listen Andrew i have never believed in planet X or the 2012 scenario or Niburu or flat earth so lets get that fact straight. The reason i feel so strongly about this GSM issue is because there is factual research out there by Dr Zharkova and john l Casey which you conveniently omit from your statement so dont tie me in with the flat earth nutters and the like.

Yes ive known you for along time and i know what circles you move in..the Belinda’s and HAGBARD Celine’s of this world not to mention the Summerscales and Shaylers..this has aroused my suspicion for a long while and i know there is something going on and your role is to play the good cop..right?

Anyway at least my actions have forced your hand now on the grand solar minimum so i call that a positive result.

I have never said that Dr judy wood ‘s research is not true..i believe she is right but i am more sceptical about hurricaine Erin now and my gut feeling is that it was faked to try and give the impression that they have the technology to move hurricaines at will.. and have the power to emulate the effects of an intensifying grand solar minimum which i dont think they have.

So i think you ought to retract some of your accusations about me because i’m not the type to back down and could cause quite alot of damage to the so called truth movement…


(MFP stands for “Mason Free Party) Note, he does not distinguish between accusations and comparisons and does not seem to realise that I have not stated he believes or believed the earth is flat, nor have I stated he believes or believed Planet X would cause a catastrophe. He also offers no corrections or useful additions to what I have written above. Instead, he talks about things I’d already explained to him – which have nothing to do with the issues and evidence presented above.

Edit: 25.11.19 – Above Collier refers to “Hagbard Celine” – a psuedonym of Ben Emelyn Jones – whom I don’t “move in the same circles as” – and never have. He has attended several conferences that I have, but so have many other speakers and delegates! The last time I visited Belinda McKenzie’s house was in Sept 2013 (and at that time I didn’t really want to go there, but it was the easiest place for me to meet Lloyd Pye, who was staying there at the time.) I had, by then, already broken off correspondence with McKenzie, as a result of her failure to support the 9/11 research I was involved in. Back in 2010 or, she had, instead, supported people like Jim Fetzer and Kevin Barrett who were part of the “muddle-up / cover up” of 9/11 research. Similarly, I haven’t had any meaningful communication with David Shayler since 2006 – 13 years ago. I did meet him at a small conference in “Awakecon” Nov 2017 – does that mean I work for MI5?? Hence, Collier’s associations are out of date by at least 5 years.




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