“Top of the Ops” – 50 years of the Apollo Hoax

Over the last few weeks, I’ve spent way too much time making a sort of spoof video to mark the 50th anniversary of another massive hoax that has been perpetrated on us. The 8-minute video is meant to be both serious and entertaining at the same time.  Please share it wherever you feel it may be appropriate to do so.

There is a transcript at the end of this message/post. Due to the complexity involved in making this particular video (several weeks of work), I decided, also, to make “Behind the Scenes” video, which is posted here:

(which took considerably less time to make!!)


A special themed edition of the popular UK Music Chart Programme introduced by Dr Khan Penes Wight.

Thanks to all the people whose video material I used.




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Transcript below:


Hello everyone! I have been asked to host a special anniversary edition  of Top of the Ops.

And on today’s show we feature 2 new uncover versions of past hits.

So without further ado, let’s hear it for Hank Peg Wittens! Yeah!

“Fly me to the Moon”

“Fly me to the moon

Let me play among the stars

And let me see what spring is like

On a-Jupiter and Mars

But no wait,

you can’t do that

You never went

It was a hoax

Now I know that

Neil Armstrong talked

About the Truth’s Protective Layers

When I bring this matter up

It’s met with angry stares

So now I say,

Please be true

and recognise

You’ve been fooled

Wow!  That was great but now it’s time for this week’s top ten rundown.

At number 10, we have a new entry,  Moonlight Kool Aid by The Projectionists.

Down 2 places at number 9 is Glue Moon by        The Actornauts.

A non mover at number 8 is Not Walking on the Moon  by             The Blue Fleeces.

New entry at number 7 is Floodlight Shadow by My Fold Peeled.

Still at number 6 is Bad Moon Hoax Risen by Grievance Muddy Water Arrival.

Down one place at 5 is Under the Fake Moon of Love by The Props.

Climbing 5 places is to number 4 is Moonfaker by The Astronots.

up just one place to number 3 is The Hoax of the Moon by The Naughty Boys.

still at number 2 is Trick it to the Moon  Electric Lights Orchestra.

but, straight in at number one it’s No Man on the Moon by Are We Flem.

Man on The Moon

It started with the V2 in Germany, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah

Nazi and Van Braun’s Technology, yeah yeah yeah

Grissom, White and Chaffee killed in a fire, yeah, yeah yeah

Grissom said Apollo would never fly, yeah, yeah

Let’s play Twister, let’s play Risk yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah

You can know the truth if you really want to, yeah, yeah, yeah

Neil did you tell us a big one?

Forced to be a hero and lie?

Did Buzz take that Mason’s flag with him?

Are you poking fun?

If you believed they put a man on the moon

Man on the moon

It’s time to admit, that you too were fooled

And it’s time to get schooled…

Charlie Duke left photos that didn’t curl up, yeah, yeah, yeah

The backdrop was just the same in multiple shots, yeah, yeah, yeah

L-R-O images show a splodge, yeah, yeah, yeah

Dutch Moon rock on display is really some wood, yeah, yeah, yeah

Oh Neil did you give us a big clue?

Are there really layers of truth?

Why have they never been back there?

It was all a con!

If you believed they put a man on the moon

Man on the moon

It’s time to admit, we were all fooled

And it’s time to re-school…

Don Petit said the technology’s gone, yeah, yeah, yeah

Painful process to build it back again, yeah, yeah, yeah

No manned USA space programme, yeah, yeah, yeah

Find out what have they covered up, yeah yeah yeah….

Neil you knew the real truth

And I know you tried to tell us

You nearly spilled all the beans

It was all a con!

If you believed they put a man on the moon

Man on the moon

It’s time to admit, you have been fooled

And it’s time to re-school…


Well that’s it for this edition of top of the ops.

We’ll be back next week with  “A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Moon” by Never A Straight Answer. We’ll also be joined by Yuri and the Cosmonauts

performing their stellar track “I wasn’t the first.” Also featured will be Van Allen and the Flares with, “We’ve Never Been Back.”

See you next week! Keep it real!

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