The Crabwood “Alien Head” Formation, Colin Andrews and Disney

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Following the posting of the video of my presentation about the “Acknowledged” Book, someone posted a comment on Facebook saying that my “take” on Crop Circles was “miles off.” I can see why other researchers might have said such a thing, partly because, in the recent presentation, I tried to cover the phenomenon in about 15 or 20 minutes! I then went to the poster’s facebook page and found a link to an interesting “Crop Circle Wisdom” blog, which claimed the mystery of the incredible “Alien Head” crop formation – featured on the cover of my book – had been solved! Below, I will describe what I think about this blog and the interesting information it contained.

The first thing that is interesting is the date of the blog entry – not ever so long after my “Acknowledged” book came out (and the day before I gave that presentation that was recorded in Newcastle). We can also observe that the blog relates to an event which happened over 16 years ago . Perhaps I am over estimating the significance of my posting of my conclusions in book form, but it is certainly odd to consider that this new information (discussed below) “suddenly” appears soon after I self-published my book.

The blog (called “Crop Circle Wisdom”)  mainly considers 2 postings (reproduced below) made by Colin Andrews on 19 Jun 2019 and 29 Jun 2019.  Colin Andrews is and was a key figure in the “Crop Circle World”. I therefore mention his name many times in the “Crop Circles” part of my “Acknowledged” book. Over the last few years, I have to say, though I find him to be extremely polite, civil and diligent, I consider him to be something of a gatekeeper, for 3 main reasons:

  • When offered, he would not accept information about Edgar Mitchell indicating that Mitchell was deliberately misleading people on certain issues. For example, Mitchell admitted he worked for the CIA in the 1970s and he also threatened Bruce De Palma and Bart Sibrel in separate incidents.
  • Andrews promotes the idea of serious or catastrophic man-made climate change/global warming. Yet, he should be aware of how issues like these could be fixed with the application of currently suppressed technologies.
  • Andrews has made recent postings in support of the reality of the Apollo Landings (which I know were faked – as do plenty of others that have studied the available evidence sufficiently).

Andrews who has obviously “broken out” of the mainstream, is also from a science background and should be able to address the sort of evidence I mention above (and below) in an appropriate manner. I suspect that Colin Andrews knows a lot more than he is letting on.

Andrews’ recent revelations relate to the Disney/Touchstone company being involved in the creation of the “Alien Head” crop formation in 2002. As many readers will know, a film/movie about Crop Circles called “Signs” was released in the USA in August 2002. The same film was released in the UK on 13 Sept 2002. Andrews implies that Touchstone/Disney Pictures were behind the creation of the “Alien Head” crop formation. He also implies that Touchstone/Disney contacted Circle Makers (or “Team Satan”) groups to make the formation. I include the text from Andrews statements, below, copied from his facebook postings. I will then discuss these postings.


19th June 2019…

The ET and crop circles in the movie ‘Signs’ – A Touchstone Pictures (Disney)production:

The crop circle depicting an ET holding a disc. What connection, with the movie ‘Signs’, also centered around crop circles and a strange looking ET. – Colin Andrews

I was approached and contracted to Disney to provide data and a number of photographs of crop circles for the movie ‘Signs’ and its publicity.

Disney PR people I was in regular contact with well ahead of the planning for the movie release told me that the team were considering hiring some people to create some amazing crop circles which they hoped would hype the interest in crop circles and in turn the movie. Other dramatic plans were also being considered. I voiced my disapproval and had nothing to do with their idea. I agreed to provide my research data and a number of crop circle photographs to be used as back drops for TV interviews with the actors and the Director, also at a number of pop festivals to promote it.

The Disney version of an ET can be seen in this movie sequence:…

The movie Signs was released on August 2, 2002 in the USA and 13 September 2002 in UK.

The Crabwood ‘ET Face with Disc’ crop circle was ‘discovered’ 15, August, 2002.

After the crop circle was made and my own TV appearances had been completed – some with Mel Gibson and Night Shyamalan via satellite to advertise the film, I spoke with one of the ‘Circlemakers’ (Name on file) team based in London and asked if he would cooperate with me in confirming that they had been commissioned by Disney to produce the ET and Disc crop circle, to eliminate my need to fly back to UK to carry out investigations on site?

I was given sufficient information to confirm my personal anger at Disney. They had deliberately deceived the public, in favor of maximizing seats in the movie theater.

• Release date: Aug 2, 2002 (United States) 13 September 2002 (UK)

• Director: M. Night Shyamalan

• Estimated budget: $72 million USD

• Awards: People’s Choice Award for Favorite Movie Actor (2003)

• Production companies: Touchstone Pictures • Blinding Edge Pictures • The Kennedy/Marshall Company

• Screenwriter: M. Night Shyamalan

Colin Andrews and Paul Vigay were consultants for the movie. – Colin Andrews, 19th June, 2019


29th June 2019…

Final Update: Further Statement from Colin Andrews:

Thank you for the respectful, and detailed manner in which you pulled this together with your fellow researchers, Andy. I obviously will continue to retain confidentiality about my sources, but you will note that everything I stated on my Facebook page, and yours too, has been confirmed by your follow up.

As you know, there have been doubts expressed by some that I was NOT indeed contracted to Disney for the movie, which I was. I want to point out that my aerial photographs, along with unique data that I provided, are clearly seen in the video (top left in the block of six videos in your report) during the interview with Night Shyamalan, and also seen briefly in hard copy and spoken word by his Executive Producer.

The unique data, which has only been made public by me personally, related to the crop circles discovered in India, and was provided specifically to me by a scientist in the Indian Government. There is no other source for that data than me. That was also mentioned in this video, and again in the movie ‘Signs’ itself. That information alone is evidence of my direct involvement with Signs as a consultant.

As you said, I offered my contract, and even money cheque (check) to prove this. Why was I not mentioned in the credits? Well, that’s another whole story – the short version being that Disney illegally used my material in non-compliance with the terms of my contract. After an out of court agreement (which could also be furnished), I authorized them to use the material. The photos which were subject to the illegal use claim are shown in the Night Shyamalan interview at 0:50 (2), 0:45 (Data), 1:59 (3), 2:19 (4), 3:15 (3), plus (data).

Also, to square up my sharing the Disney connection with the public and some researchers during my presentations around that time, they included other crop circles depicting faces. These included the Crabwood ET, Chilbolton face and mysterious message, along with Richard and Julie faces, which I took my own aerial photographs of BEFORE they became public. During one of those presentations, at Dr Chet Snow’s conference, I was rushed off the stage by Snow himself, because it was too much to take. Nobody wanted the truth.

I reiterate, it has not taken me 17 years to speak up, knowing and holding this to myself. It has been KNOWN for 17 years, and it has taken this long for the truth to be accepted! Paul Vigay, and I discussed what Disney had said about their plans, but Paul wanted to try and decipher the disc anyway, and did.

How many more years before everyone gets the real message, and again in plain sight? Mystery in all things is healthy, and assists growth, and development of intuition, and hence consciousness. Many missed that boat – thus far.

You may update your excellent post with all I have written here.

By the way, I first met Matthew Lawrence with Pat Delgado in 1989, and had good reason to suspect his behaviour, and movements even back then. That said, I found him to be a pleasant young man.

Finally, I would like to respond to Wil Russell’s statement that I did not know the telephone numbers of his team, and therefore could not have spoken to them (about Crabwood or anything else). Wrong. I had them all, and spoke on different occasions to each, including Wil himself. He might remember a meeting I tried to arrange to meet him near his home?

I don’t have anything more to add, other than this is a huge lesson to those who claim to be investigators, or researchers. The truth might be painful at times, I’ve had plenty of them myself, but when you are offered important data – listen and accept it. No more from me on this, just pleased the truth has again been offered, and this time heard.

Colin Andrews, June 29th, 2019.



Andrews states that the Disney connection to the “Alien Head” formation was known years ago. Well, speaking for myself, though I was obviously aware of the “Signs” film/movie, I have never heard of the sorts of connections that Andrews implies. For those that have read my book, they will, of course, be aware that I wrote about the Circle Makers group creating the “Richard and Judy” formation for the TV programme and the argument that this was similar to the “Alien Head” formation. However, nowhere, before today, have I seen that the “Alien Head” formation was created as a “secret” or “cryptic” promotion for the “Signs” movie.

We can also note that Andrews states he made an out of court settlement for “unauthorised” use of some of his material. Additionally, he states he was involved in promotion for the “Signs” film – was he paid for his TV appearances, or “did he do it for free?” Only Andrews knows the answer to that. If he was involved as a consultant for Disney (which I wouldn’t dispute), didn’t he ask to see the film at the earliest possible opportunity? With Andrews’ high level of interest in the subject, I would have expected him to want to see it first! Also, if it had been me, I would have wanted to distance myself from the film once I saw it (i.e. the film does nothing to further our understanding or knowledge of the formations).

Let us also now consider the idea that the “Alien Head” crop formation was a “cryptic” or “undisclosed” promo for the “Signs” film. As Andrews himself notes, the formation was found on 15 Aug 2002 – in the UK. Yet, the film’s US release was almost 2 weeks earlier. Why set up a promotion, 2 weeks after the most significant release date, in a different country? True, the UK release was about 4 weeks after the discovery of the formation, but surely the US market is the biggest? Similarly, the first crop formation shown in the “Signs” film is in the USA – and it is much more reminiscent of the ones that appeared in 1990 than it is of the “Alien Head” formation.

Andrews also states that they made unauthorised use of some of his material, but it seems at the time, rather than distancing himself from the film, and stating this is what happened, he essentially tells us he took “hush money” instead. Maybe there is more to it than that, but from what Andrews has revealed, it’s hard to interpret things another way.

In his posting, Colin Andrews links to a video trailer for the film, stating: “The Disney version of an ET can be seen in this movie sequence:” Here is a still image from the trailer/clip that Andrews linked:

(Yes, in the clip, the figure is seen on a TV screen, with lighting behind it. Really clear, isn’t it! You can see the resemblance to the head in the formation!) Admittedly, there is one later shot in the film, showing the alien face, which is a little clearer, but even that does not seem to be a good match for the alien face in the formation:

10 of The Best Crop Circles Ever â?? Collective Evolution

More unusual to consider is the nature of the message in the Alien Head Crop Formation which is in plain English. Here is the message again (as originally decoded by Paul Vigay):

“Beware the bearers of FALSE gifts & their BROKEN PROMISES. Much PAIN but still time. BELIEVE. There is GOOD out there. We Oppose DECEPTION. COnduit CLOSING,”

In preparing this article, I reviewed the “Signs” movie/film – because from my memory of it, there was no reference to this sort of message or theme within the film. At about 48:30 into the film, one of the characters makes a reference to crop circles being used (presumably by aliens) as “a mapping reference,” but there is very little about the concept of a deceptive alien race. Rather, there is a theme of alien invasion or attack (which isn’t at all convincing  in the storyline – especially when it is shown the aliens can be repelled/defeated by chucking fresh water on them!) The movie is more a sort of thriller/horror/suspense story, with the main theme really being how the Mel Gibson character deals with a family tragedy and loses then regains his faith in god! There is absolutely nothing explicit about messages in the crop formations themselves. In the plot, it is just weakly indicated that the appearance of crop formations is a precursor to the alien invasion (though the reasons behind this are never explored.)

Taking these factors into account, I find it difficult to accept that Disney instigated the creation of this formation as a “cryptic promo” for the “Signs” movie/film. The explicit themes in the formation have nothing to do with the themes in the film (which had already come out 2 weeks before the formation was made anyway!) Additionally, as far as I am aware, the “Alien Head” formation was not really significantly covered by any mainstream media – as the formation appeared about 10 years after the early 1990s “crop circle crescendo,” by which time the “national interest” had declined significantly.

“Crop Circle Wisdom”?

Now let’s return to the blog posting I mentioned near the start of this article. I was interested to know who created this posting, as it is not credited to anyone. However, there is an email address on a link which is: aliengrey343@gmail.c…. I emailed this address, asking whose blog this was. I received a response back from “grey alien” saying they just wanted me to refer to their website – i.e. they wanted to remain anonymous. The blog posting states:

On Wednesday, June 19th, 2019, one of the most iconic crop circles ever laid down in a field, the Crabwood, Wiltshire, alien face and disc, of August 15th, 2002, possibly the only one which has ever held a direct, allegedly “prophetic” message, was revealed by Colin Andrews as being a commission by Disney Studios at that time.

But, as I have noted above, Andrews doesn’t openly state this – he has no proof that this is the case. He merely implied that he thought Disney had commissioned some circle makers to make the formation (and that he was “angry” about this).

The posting then goes on to quote Andrews from the facebook posts (above), but then considers what Andrews said about the involvement of the Circle Makers group (“Team Satan”). It seems that group hasn’t admitted they created the formation. The anonymous poster then states:

Introducing, the men we believe to be the all but certain designers, and land artists, responsible for the Crabwood Alien, Chilbolton faces, Arecibo response, and many more, Matt Lawrence, and Martin McKinney, aka, b1ackprojects.

The wording seems to be important “we believe to be the all but certain designers” – that doesn’t mean the poster has proof they created the formation. If one looks at the website of Lawrence and McKinney (“B1ackprojects”), there doesn’t seem to be any other work that is any more advanced or intricate than what the Circlemakers group have created. So, why is it that they can’t disclose their involvement in their greatest work – 17 years after it was created…? How strange. Then there is the group’s name “Black Projects” – oops… sorry… “B1ackprojects” – which is exactly the sort of thing I was saying that was the reason some crop formations were created. How strange. Similarly strange (to me) are some cryptic comments Andrews made in a follow-up posting regarding his new Disney-related revelations. I couldn’t find this exact comment on Andrews’ facebook feed, so I got it from a screenshot on the “Crop Circle Wisdom” blog posting, referenced above. Regarding who might be creating some of the formations, Andrews writes:

My many references to what I call the master chessplayer, which is pulling many strings, can be called anything you like. Some would say God, others ET, I tend to want to acknowledge it as a higher non human mind and leave it there for now, i.e. master chessplayer ?lls that place. Hope this  helps.

Andrews makes some other interesting comments in this particular response, reproduced below:


Before stating my general conclusion, I would just ask people to note Disney’s role in shaping public perception – a role in which they now have even more power, as one of the world’s biggest entertainment companies. This is explored in a presentation by Carl James.

Colin Andrews has not provided any specific evidence that either Disney or the Circle Makers group – or their associates – created the “Alien Head” formation. He has tried to make a case that this is what happened, but to me, his assertions are not robust – and it appears he is still keeping a few too many secrets – 17 years after the “alien head” formation appeared. Nowhere does Andrews (or the anonymous blog poster) tell us how the “Alien Head” crop formation was mechanically produced (by stomping or some variant of that technique). For me, the anonymous blog posting referring to a group called “B1ackProjects” (Black Projects) and the inclusion of Andrews comments about a “non-human master chessplayer” form the real disclosure here. That is to say, that I consider that these “new revelations” bolster my own general conclusions in the 2nd half of the “Acknowledged” book. I concluded that a significant proportion of crop formations have been created with military/black-ops-owned directed energy technology – and Colin Andrews, Nick Pope and others almost certainly know this to be the truth, but have been tasked with keeping (or have chosen to keep) this truth obscured/marginalised in one way or another.


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