David Icke’s “The Trigger” Book Launch – A new “Muddle Up/Cover Up”

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I have no idea why Icke held this event in Derby – which is only 6 miles from where I live. Perhaps it was because it is a central location in England or maybe he has friends or relatives here – I don’t know [EDIT – he has relatives in Derby so this is probably the reason]. Regarding some of the contents of his new book, he didn’t contact Dr Judy Wood and he didn’t contact me. Last weekend, I tried to find out exactly where this event was held, but I don’t think this was revealed unless you were someone who’d either got a ticket or pre-ordered a book.

I randomly started listening around the 17 minute mark. Here is what he said:

16:52 building seven building 7 was not hit by a plane and came down… a 47-story steel frame building. It fell about 5:20 in the afternoon and the official explanation of why this building collapsed was office furnishings fire. Right. Office furnishings fire. It is the most blatant obvious controlled demolition you will ever see and if people go on the internet who are new to this and put in building 7 collapse, they will see exactly with Building seven what happens. Again and again, you see them on the news from time to time when demolition companies put charges in buildings sometimes their stadiums sometimes their high-rise blocks – and they are charged in a way that makes the building not topple over and hit other buildings around it but to fall on its own footprint. And to do that what they do is they make sure that as the building is falling the building below is exploding so there’s no resistance as the top force that can topple it over. And Building seven is such a blatant controlled demolition. I quote people in “the trigger” – building experts, engineers, architects – because there’s a whole organization in America called “Architects and engineers for 9/11 truth” who are engineering and architectural experts who literally came together just like pilots for 9/11 truth, firefighters for 9/11 truth and so many other people – groups – to challenge the official story in their area of expertise. And I quote all these building experts saying it was a controlled demolition. The building – Building 7 – fell for the first 2.5 seconds at freefall speed. And you only fall at freefall speed if there’s nothing to stop freefall. In other words the building below is not there as, the top comes down and we were told actually that it was a controlled demolition by the owner Larry Silverstein.

It’s sad that he hadn’t studied, for example, this video:

Obviously, he has not read my books either, nor has he studied this page. He was questioned about the WDTTG book:

2:03:32 – Have I read the Judy wood book, “where did the towers go?” Right? Yes I have and I covered that in the book. And funnily enough in “Alice in Wonderland the World Trade Centre disaster” which I published in 2002 there is a section there that talks about could directed energy weapons as they now called have been used and Judy Wood makes a very good case – I outline it and let people make their own mind up. But what we should understand is – and I’ve been banging on about this for decades – is that there is a cutting edge of technology that we see in the cut in the public arena and we think that’s the cutting edge of technology… Oh bloody hell, no. These people are not working with the level of technology that we see – they are working with a technology that’s way beyond that. But even now this technology that is being talked about as being possibly being a reason the towers came down as they did – directed-energy weapons – is now coming more and more into the public arena. And if you work on the basis of technology that we see now and we think his cutting edge, was actually known about way back – on the inside then this august energy weapon stuff was available -in 2001 and the idea is that these directed energy weapons basically they break up the structure of matter – and what they would do to a building like the World Trade Centre is they would literally turn into dust. And we all remember the phenomenal clouds of dust that – that is one of the most shocking sights of the towers – coming down but anyway that’s in the book so that people can see that.

After this, Icke goes into the “Operation Northwoods” disinformation which was promoted by James Bamford’s “Body of Secrets” book (which in many places reads like a PR piece for the NSA).

It shouldn’t be difficult to draw some conclusions – and decide whether they are any different to those I made approximately 2 years ago:

From: tinyurl.com/911htb

For more information about David Icke, you can watch the programme Richard D Hall and myself made in 2016.







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