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22 Sep 2019

This posting follows on from an earlier posting I made concerning David Icke’s presentation about his 2019 book “The Trigger”, which focuses on the events of 9/11. The main text is 875 pages long, with additional text making the tome an enormous 900 pages in length. I have only read the chapters directly pertaining to the most important areas of  9/11 research – the ones to do with the 9/11 “plane stories” and the one to do with the destruction of the World Trade Centre complex. To understand why these are the 2 most important areas of research, please read my 2 free books “9/11 Finding the Truth” and “9/11 Holding the Truth”. Additionally, you should try and read the book that Icke himself mentions – “Where Did the Towers Go?” by Dr Judy Wood. Failing that, please study the Dr Judy Wood website.

For any David Icke fans (or anyone else) that find any mistakes in what I have written below (or anywhere on this website), please do contact me with corrections! It is important to realise the effective role David Icke has played – due to the wide attention he garners, with many people interviewing him. As a former BBC presenter, he even gets publicity in the UK’s Daily Newspapers – which this website and author does not.

Operation Northwoods and 9/11 Planes

At the beginning of Chapter 9 of “The Trigger,” David Icke writes:

If you know about Operation Northwoods you know basically what happened on 911. This Pentagon document from 1962 includes all the major elements of the colossal scam and hopes that played out on live television 40 years later.

He mentions that the document was in James Bamford’s body of secrets book – but this reads like propaganda for the NSA.  This document alone whether it is genuine or faked (as some have suggested, due to the language used in places) proves nothing – except that someone wrote a document which lays out a scenario which has some similar elements to the fictional accounts of hijacked planes on 9/11.

In this same chapter, he talks about

  • Remote control planes .
  • DARPA (Defence Advanced Research Projects Agency).
  • Flight data recorder and cockpit voice recorder

He spent several pages talking about these issues and he quotes from “Pilots for 9/11 truth” – who have always refused to acknowledge that the physical evidence of alleged plane crashes does not stand up to scrutiny – as Dr Morgan Reynolds shows in his 2007 presentation, no planes crashed at any of the 4 sites. Though people did see what looked like planes at the WTC site, they weren’t real planes. Richard D Hall amply demonstrates this in his presentation and 3D analysis of the alleged crash of Flight 175.

Instead of covering this David Icke, talks about “strong possibilities”. For example, on page 253 David Icke writes:

There is a very strong possibility that someone much closer to home beefed up other aircraft to replace the ones that left the airports. This will be considered later on.

 Then, on page 254 he writes

Even if the planes had remained intact, they would have been virtually impossible to control for an experienced pilot, let alone those who were supposed to be at the controls. What if the planes that struck the building had been modified to fly at those speeds and they didn’t need the skill of an onboard pilot because they were remotely controlled from the ground ?

All this nonsense is dealt with in Hall’s analysis linked above. Icke also discusses the various plane parts that were found – but does not come to the correct conclusion that no planes crashed. He merely suggests that the “wrong parts” being found mean that the official story is untrue.


 Similarly, he talks about the flights being “impossible,” if they’d been piloted by the alleged hijackers but he doesn’t point out that the elements of physics he mentions (e.g. “impossible speed”) are applicable to both human-piloted and remote-controlled planes. He does mention a missile being involved, but again, doesn’t give the details that Richard Hall does, above.


In chapter 10, he covers the alleged plane crash at the Pentagon. He includes the statements of Lloyd England (a taxi driver) and April Gallop (who eventually started a court case, in which Niels Harrit talked about thermite. The case was eventually dismissed.)  He talks about a missile having hit the Pentagon – which was a common discussion between about 2003 and 2006. Nowhere does he mention, for example, the “toasted cars” which were also found at the pentagon, as well as the WTC.

In chapter 11, he talks about flight 93 – where there is even less evidence in relation to this flight than the other 3 alleged flights. Essentially all that we have is a hole in the ground and a few barely recognizable pieces of debris. Icke misses an opportunity to mention the research of
Mark Conlon and the role that Reagan Airport played in handling the planes. He concludes the chapter with a discussion about flight 93 being shot down – again this is very old information and Icke ignores the other evidence suggesting that this plane may never have taken off, or if it had, it was landed elsewhere.

In chapter 12 he talks about hijackers and “impossible” phone calls – this is rather pointless as it can be established that there were no hijackers and the alleged phone calls were staged.

The WTC Turned Mostly to Dust

In chapter 13 he discusses the destruction of the World Trade Center Complex. Again, much of the discussion is based on information which is over 10 years old. He includes the Larry Silverstein “pull it” statement – which can be understood as deliberate misdirection, once  the evidence in the WDDTG book has all been considered carefully.

On page 327, Icke includes a mention of the Plasco Tower in Tehran which collapsed in 2017 and then he mentions the ae911truth.org website. On pages 334 and 335, Icke discusses the sounds of explosions heard by firefighters – and he (thankfully) later quotes Dr Wood in regard to this.

On page 340 David Icke writes:

For anyone still not sure if Building 7 was brought down in a controlled demolition – hence the preparation to do so must have been instigated weeks before – these are [statements from] building and demolition experts speaking on the building 7 video, which you can see on the Architects and Engineers for 9:11 truth website.

He then lists a number of named experts and their statements. Again Icke does not mention or include the evidence that this AE911 group is run by a liar and its sole purpose is to cover up the truth of what actually happened to the WTC. Anyone that reads my books should be able to learn this.

In a section on page 345 he writes

The fact that the towers were brought down deliberately is a Gimme for anyone prepared to look at the evidence and clear their minds of the 911 download program. I am not attached, however, to exactly how this was done and I remain wide open to all possibilities. My aim here is to show that the official story didn’t happen because everything else comes from that.  The obvious conclusion is the use of explosive charges as per a familiar controlled demolition technique which are employed all the time around the world to bring down big structures .

He then talks about Stephen E Jones and thermite and molten metal – thermate, thermite and super thermite. He entirely fails to point out that Jones is a liar and lied about the nature of Molten Aluminium in order to try and “make the thermite story fly”. Also, he does not mention that thermite cannot have been used because of how brilliantly it burns.

He then brings in the mention of directed energy weapons and says

I am not saying this did happen or didn’t, but I come back to a point I have emphasised over and over. The technology we see is not the cutting edge of technology that actually exists .

This is rather different to what he said in the Richie Allen program in Nov 2015 – where he said it “didn’t matter” how it was done and to argue about this was “childish.”

On pages 347-348, he includes most or all of what he said in his earlier book “Alice in Wonderland and the World Trade Center disaster,” which I quoted in chapter 19 of “9/11 Holding the Truth”. He then talks about Nikola Tesla and on page 350 he discusses the research of Dr Judy Wood. He incorrectly states that her book “Where Did the Towers Go?” was published in 2005 – it was published in late 2010. There is a slight error at the bottom of page 351 where he states that a firefighter is called Jay Jones when his correct name is Jay Jonas. It’s an important testimony, so it’s a shame he got the name wrong. 

In a short paragraph on page 352, Icke accurately reports the changes in the Alaskan magnetometer data but he doesn’t seem to attach any significance to this – not least of which is  the reading at 8:46 – at the time of the alleged first plane impact. Neither does he make an attempt to straighten out the muddling he did in 2013 in the same area.

Also, on page 352, Icke writes

[Dr Wood] recalls being contacted by a man who worked at the World Trade Center and decided to go home when the planes initially hit.

The “man” in question then discusses the lack of sound of the destruction of the WTC. However, Icke’s wording here gives us a problem – it includes an implicit assumption that Dr Wood agrees that planes hit the WTC towers – this is not the case, as any reader can find out by reading the WDTTG book or studying the material on Dr Wood’s website. She has said many times that “the plane stories are just a distraction.”

On pages 353 and 354 Icke accurately describes the “toasted” cars near the WTC but on page 354, he then brings in the California wildfires and mentions directed energy beams from the sky. Also, on page 354 he accurately quotes Dr Judy Wood, saying “Bombs go boom, but not everything that goes boom is a bomb.” However, he then immediately includes one of his own quotes

Matter is only energy vibrating to a slow frequency and if that energetic construct ‘matter’ is hit by high powered focused energy it will splatter apart and what that strikes would turn to dust.

This could confuse the reader into thinking that Dr Wood said this – and that she talked about “high powered focused energy” – which she has not. She has essentially said things which are almost the opposite of this – that the energy wasn’t necessarily in a “focused beam,” nor was it necessarily “high” in the amount used.

Icke then immediately goes on to talk about microwaves and the jumpers. At no point in this discussion does Icke mention field effects. Later on in this paragraph, Icke also brings in 5G communication systems. This is essentially a muddle up. Whether Icke’s omission of field effects is accidental or deliberate, he has contributed to the lack of understanding of what is actually in the WDTTG book and on the www.drjudywood.com/ website.

Hurricane Erin

On page 355, he discusses hurricane Erin and includes a photograph. He mentions how no one has heard about this Hurricane saying:

Anyone remember hearing about that, or any pre-warnings, as it worked its way from the South? Me neither.

Of course, he does not mention that I told him – face to face, in person – about Hurricane Erin in April 2008 – 11 years before the publication of this book!

Near the bottom of the page he says

Tesla type technology can certainly whip up hurricanes and use them together and focus energies for many purposes, or produce desired weather conditions, as described. Weather systems are simply energy systems and if you can change the nature of the energy you can change the weather. Technological modification of the weather has been possible since at least the first half of the 20th century and is now very powerful and sophisticated.

He then implies that this is a cover for climate change. Sadly, Icke provides no references for his important statement – it is more important than the rest of the book, yet he makes light of all this.

I have written about weather modification (but in much greater detail) in my free “Climate Change” book.

Tragic Omissions

In what I read of the book, there is no mention of John Hutchison’s experiments (discussed in the WDTTG book)  or Cold Fusion/LENR – or Stephen E Jones’ sordid involvement in LENR research. Also absent is any mention of Dr Judy Wood’s Qui Tam  case (and Dr Morgan Reynolds for that matter). There is also no mention of SAIC and ARA being contractors for NIST.

There is no mention of Dr Morgan Reynolds and the evidence which proves the plane crashes weren’t real. There is no mention of Richard D Hall’s 3D analysis. So, it appears that Icke has not updated most of his manuscript for this part of the book for at least 12 years. What a shame he never consulted Dr Wood, Richard D Hall, Mark Conlon or myself…. 


These omissions mean that Icke has helped to cover up what actually happened on 9/11. Icke has followed the exact pattern that I described in “9/11 Finding the Truth” – a pattern of failing to discuss or mention key evidence and not bothering to contact the people who’ve studied this evidence the most. He could have clarified any misunderstandings he may have had, and I would certainly have been willing to help him summarise things to fit into whatever space he wanted to allocate in his book.

The only topics he appears to have “moved” on are the dustification of the towers, the “toasted cars” and he has briefly mentioned Hurricane Erin. None of these topics are covered in an appropriate amount of detail (especially considering the length of the book), nor are they put in the context of the global energy cover up. I have written this article because I have concluded that, if this global energy cover up was “broken” wide open, it could liberate humanity – and overturn any and all plans for a fascist and oppressive New World Order that Icke has spent so long talking about.


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