The Venus Project and the New World Order: A Critical Review

Max Barker


In searching for solutions to the root causes of the problems that plague the world today, I have discovered an extraordinary, non-profit organization called The Venus Project, which was founded by Jacque Fresco (now deceased).1 The organization proposes a new socio-economic model called a Resource-Based Economy that would entail in the elimination of most of the major problems affecting civilization today, such as corruption, hunger, poverty and war. At around the same time period, I had also discovered that the root cause of the world’s problems can be linked to the emergence of a New World Order. This is a phrase that is commonly used by conspiracy researchers to describe a totalitarian form of government that is global in scale and scope, whereby the people are subdued through physical and psychological means. Having made this discovery, I had begun to realize that the proposals of The Venus Project were uncannily similar to those of the Communist Manifesto and Agenda 21, bearing in mind that the latter two also propose and describe the foundations for a new socioeconomic model through the establishment of a New World Order, or a New International Economic Order.2 However, after having analyzed the Resource-Based Economy and compared it to the New International Economic Order, I have found some subtle differences that are significant enough to warrant the attention of all researchers. Thus, the task of this article is to describe some of the criticisms that have been directed at The Venus Project and how they have come to proliferate. I shall then proceed to discuss as to why the critics are misguided and why The Venus Project is an organization that actually cares about the happiness and health of all people. Further, I shall explain as to how The Venus Project may also be misguided as its members do not seem to realize as to how climate science has been corrupted to serve the agenda of a powerful elite. Let this article also be a brief study into one of the world’s only organizations that seems to have a complete and detailed blueprint for potentially transforming the planet into a second Garden of Eden, in the words of its founder, without having to resort to destructive ideologies or practices.

Research and Analysis

Although The Venus Project was founded in 1995, its history can be traced back many years before when its founder, Jacque Fresco, had developed the scientific discipline that is called Sociocyberneering. The term is currently defined as “Cybernation and Engineering applied to the Social System”.3 According to the organization’s website, the application of this scientific discipline can help put an end to most of the major problems affecting civilization, such as corruption, hunger, poverty and war.4 It is explained that the root causes of the world’s problems today can be linked in one way or another, to the capitalist system. Due to the nature of the system’s design, which is now obsolete, nations are forced to compete against each other, rather than to cooperate with each other. This is why the organization proposes a socioeconomic model called a Resource-Based Economy that would replace the current system. Under the new system, which is designed to use the best that science and technology has to offer, it would then be possible to produce in such abundance that all of the world’s people could have their needs met, without a price tag. Accordingly, because such change has never occurred before in the history of humanity, it will require drastic changes in the way people think. It is emphasized that attempting to solve the problems of today using merely an economic or political approach, is no longer viable. The problems of today and of the future cannot be addressed in the same way that they have been in the past and therefore, it necessitates the use of the scientific method in order to engineer a new kind of society, one that functions in accordance to natural law. This would entail in transforming the environment, with the desired result of changing human behavior. The reason for this is because the laws of today fail to maintain order, as they do not address the issues concerning why people behave the way they do. Hence, they are merely attempts at controlling human behavior. This is also emphasized because as the behavioral psychologist B. F. Skinner once stated:

Which position is going to help us do something about the problems which face us in the world today? Are we going to solve problems by changing peoples’ feelings, or are we going to solve them by changing the situation which has given rise to these feelings? I think if you change the situation you’ll change them both.5

This is why The Venus Project emphasizes the need for social engineering, because this is what will help ensure that not only peoples’ needs are met, but that they live in accordance to the carrying capacity of the planet. What is needed is the intelligent management of the Earth’s resources, which is something that can be done with the aid of computerized systems.6 What I have just explained is in essence what the organization is attempting to accomplish as part of its strategy. Unsurprisingly, it has garnered criticism due to how its aims and proposals seem to reflect those of the New World Order conspiracy. I shall analyze this in the following paragraph.


As I have discussed previously, The Venus Project is a non-profit organization that is aiming to bring humanity to the next stage of social evolution. However, it has been criticized by some due to the belief that its proposals embody characteristics that are similar to communism and technocracy.7 The latter have come to be associated with the New World Order, which in turn is associated with a worldwide totalitarian conspiracy. This isn’t without reason either.8 The organization’s aims and proposals do contain a number of elements that seem to have been influenced by Marxist ideologies.9 For instance, the proposed socioeconomic model would render private property useless. All artificial boundaries separating nations today would be eliminated, meaning that the world would belong to anyone and everyone who is willing to participate. Resources would be distributed equitably to ensure that everyone has access to what they need. Because of this, some individuals have taken the effort to warn and even dissuade the public about helping or having any affiliation with the organization.10 Another aspect to consider is that the organization also appears to be embody certain characteristics that are found in a technocracy. The latter term, just like the others I have mentioned previously, has negative connotations due to how it describes a form of scientific dictatorship, a concept that is far from new as it has already been approached by numerous authors of science-fiction, including but not limited to: Aldous Huxley, George Orwell and H. G. Wells. One article in particular, refers to what is labelled as “techno-utopianism”, which is the belief that technology will be able to solve all social problems, resulting in a seemingly perfect society.11 The authors of the article state that when science and technology is applied to governance, the result will be oppressive one way or another. They also question as to whether living under such conditions would be ideal because of how machines would have the capacity of doing most of the work, which would supposedly lead to a population that is sedentary and that does not have any meaningful occupation to pursue. Subsequently, it is argued that such a population would be easier to control, assuming that the technocrats would have the desire to do so. Further, the authors consider it as ironic that The Venus Project advocates for world government as an alternative to the kind of elitism that is apparent today. The explanation given for this is that the “emphasis on external forces as the dominant sculptors of human behavior provides the rationale for the necessity of a class of conditioners that would be unaccountable to the masses”.12 Something else that gives credence to the argument of the researchers, even though they do not mention it, is that the organization supports the claim that catastrophic climate change is being driven by excess, anthropogenic carbon dioxide emissions. It is now widely known among scientists that this claim, which is usually uttered by establishment entities, especially the United Nations, is false.13 The reason that the theory is promoted is that is provides the consensual pretext for transitioning toward a technocratic world order. Interestingly, in an interview with Larry King in 1974, Jacque Fresco states that his ideas have nothing to do with Communism, Fascism or Socialism.14 Although he never mentions anything about technocracy, his explanations do make suggestions of it. What is also interesting is that the author Patrick Wood makes a similar statement in his book Technocracy Rising where he states that “The dark horse of the New World Order is not Communism, Socialism or Fascism. It is Technocracy.”15 With all of the above taken into account, it does make one wonder as to whether The Venus Project has ulterior motives.


As I have mentioned in the introduction, I have reason to believe that The Venus Project does not have any nefarious intentions, despite some of the evidence that seems to contradict this. The organization recognizes that the problems of today cannot be solved using past methods. This is mainly due to the advancement of science and technology, which has far outpaced the development of the socioeconomic system. Thus, the solutions must be based upon evidence and facts, which means that a Resource-Based Economy has nothing to do with any ideology that has gone before it. What is it then that the organization is attempting to accomplish? The answer to that is not entirely obvious unless one takes the time to study Sociocyberneering, as well as that organization’s historical background. For instance, Jacque once stated during a lecture that he used to be member of Technocracy Inc. and that he had discussions with its founder, Howard Scott.16 However, as he explains, he left the organization due to a disagreement he had with its founder and because he found that it did not have a detailed blueprint for redesigning society. As such, there were some elements about the technocracy movement that Jacque believed would be relevant to the development of his vision. Thus, his organization could be described as having technocratic characteristics, even though it does not uphold all ideas that are associated with the technocracy movement. During his interview with Larry King in 1974, Jacque states that he does not believe in population control. He suggests that a well-educated population can and should make intelligent decisions for itself and therefore, it does not need to be controlled.17 Up until now, it can be surmised that The Venus Project was not founded upon the idea of controlling people, by means of a scientific dictatorship. Nevertheless, even more than half of a century later a number of people had criticized Jacque Fresco and his proposals, due to the belief that he was somehow being funded by the elite, something that he mentions during a lecture.18 Yet, as he goes on to explain, The Venus Project is mainly funded through donations and the educational material that it sells. For anyone who is skeptical, then they may refer to the organization’s webpage that reveals the details of its financial status.19 To date, I have not found any evidence to contradict this. Finally, I shall present one of the most significant pieces of evidence that helps to explain as to why The Venus Project is most likely not associated with a totalitarian conspiracy. During an interview, Jacque is asked as to whether he is proposing a New World Order, considering as to how the transition toward a Resource-Based Economy would require a dramatic transformation of the socioeconomic system. His response to the question is as follows “Yes. But the ‘New World Order’ most people are afraid of is the one where business people are in control. The world I’m talking about is one which raises every human being to their highest potential.”20 Shortly afterwards, the interviewers follow-up with a question related to the same topic that goes as such “So globalization isn’t such a bad thing after all?” to which Jacque replies “Again, when you use that term in this society, it means that the business world is in charge: bankers in charge of all things on Earth. But when I talk of ‘globalization’ I mean that all nations share all the Earth’s resources: a resource-based economy.” As can be seen, Jacque is aware of what the interviewers were asking him about, where he makes the distinction between the world he is trying to create and the world that the power elite are trying to create. However, what isn’t certain is the depth of his understanding of the conspiracy. Likewise, the same can be said for the other members of The Venus Project. As I have stated previously, the organization appears to believe in the theory that catastrophic climate change is being driven by excess, anthropogenic carbon dioxide emissions, which is a concept that is being used by the elite to trick the public into accepting a technocratic world order.21 With that being said, as The Venus Project believes in the above-mentioned theory, this indicates that the organization is either misled, or is trying to mislead. Given everything that has been discussed, I have not found a reason as to why the organization would desire to mislead the public as it wouldn’t benefit in any manner from doing so.


Even though The Venus Project advocates for the establishment of a new global order, it is not associated with a worldwide totalitarian conspiracy. The distinction is not entirely obvious, unless one takes the time to examine it thoroughly, something that a number of researchers have not done. Based upon everything discussed, it is unlikely that the organization is attempting to trick people into accepting a scientific dictatorship, or that it is working toward one. As I have explained in this article, the reason for this is that it has low revenue, as illustrated by its financial statements, indicating that it has little purchasing power, relative to the elite. It is difficult to understand as to why the organization would be interested in a dystopian world order, given that it is distributing masses of educational material, and for free. Further, Jacque Fresco, who was the founder of the organization, had stated a number of times in the past that his interest was in freeing people by educating them to better understand themselves, as well as the world around them. This is not the behavior expected from someone who desires to control the world through a scientific dictatorship, especially when considering that he has been openly critical of the abuse of science and technology. Admittedly, I have noticed through my research that the organization’s vision of the future shares many characteristics with those of the New World Order conspiracy. However, the most significant difference between the two is that The Venus Project invites all the world’s people to participate in building a world that will serve their individual and collective interests, i.e. by the people, for the people. In contrast, the latter involves wealthy people inviting each other to find ways in building a world that will suit their interests, at the expense of the public majority. Although the ideas and concepts of The Venus Project are not flawless, they do present the opportunity for working toward a better world. I mention this because as I have suggested in the introduction, it does seem to be the only organization that has a complete and detailed blueprint for solving most of the major problems that plague humanity today. This should warrant the attention of anyone who is concerned not only for their own future existence, but for that of all life on Earth.



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