More Evidence of Attempts to use “Flat Earth” Trash to Discredit Serious Research

Recently, I was sent a link to this file by a concerned reader:…

[Original link dead – see… ]

On page 7/8 we read.

We have been told that the Earth is a sphere of some 25,000 miles circumference at the equator. It appears that the notion of a spherical Earth did not occur until the fifteenth century, and we have the problem that we do not have a single photograph of Earth taken from space. There is, of course, no point in mentioning the ridiculously faked supposed Moon landing in 1969 by the Americans. Then we have the famous experiment where a swinging pendulum is supposed to show the Earth’s rotation as time goes by…

One the very last page we read:

If you want full information on the facts surrounding the attack, then see the book “Where Did The Towers Go?” by Dr. Judy Wood. 

Please understand that we are being told fiction upon fiction, co-ordinated by the Tavistock people in an attempt to confuse us and distract us, so please don’t be fooled by them

This perhaps wouldn’t be so significant except for the fact that the poster/author of this document is the same one who made the whole website (…) Patrick Kelly and, apparently, is a Civil Engineer. This seems to show there has been something very strange going on – which seems to be a combination of co-ordinated, targeted disinformation efforts and/or a kind of global “mind virus” which has resulted in a scenario that might become known as “Invasion of the Brain Snatchers.”


Jarrah White’s video contains statements from Bart Sibrel and others. It shows how all the main researchers know the Flat Earth PsyOp is just that.

Part 2:




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