“Skinny Bob” – Alleged Grey-Alien Video Leaked in 2011 – Analysis

30 Oct 2019

Andrew Johnson – ad.johnson@ntlworld….

Following Richard D Hall’s posting of the second part of an interview we recorded, about my free “Acknowledged” UFO/Aliens book, two people (Lee and Janis) both emailed (within 10 minutes of each other!) to ask me if I was aware of the so-called “Skinny Bob” video, allegedly of an alien, a UFO crash site and a flying saucer. The video is actually a set of 3 (or 4) short videos, posted anonymously in April and May 2011, to a YouTube channel “ivan0135,” which is still accessible as of writing this article in October 2019.

Though I was aware of this video/story, I hadn’t studied the details and it didn’t seem to receive strong attention – perhaps because the information about the video – and the person leaking it – is scanty. Also, at the time it was released, I had moved my research focus away from the UFO/alien issue and was primarily involved in presenting and supporting the 9/11 research of Dr Judy Wood. So, after spending 2 or 3 hours studying the video clips and even producing an enhanced/lightened version (see below), here are my thoughts and analysis.

The Videos Themselves

Ivan0135 uploaded a sum total of 4 videos, whose details I have summarised below. There are no other videos on the channel:


Upload Date

Title (as entered on YouTube)

Length (min/sec)


13 Apr 2011

Disclosure leaked ufo alien case video confidential documents old footage


KGB logo, close-range flying saucer footage (from a car/truck etc and then a plane), walking alien, crash site, dead alien bodies close up

1 May 2011

alien grey extraterrestrial zeta reticuli ufo leaked footage

1:00 – 24 seconds of which is just captions

Alien – apparently captured. 14 seconds of view from side – alien moves and reaches out to touch something.

14 seconds vertical pan of front of alien showing fingers/hands and its height being measured.

8 seconds of a “shadow?” with a circle seemingly drawn around and an unidentifiable shape moves within it. The description/caption for this segment is “How to Drive.”

8 May 2011

Ivan0135 about ALIEN and UFO documents


Still image of a handprint (see below) with 3 long fingers and a longish thumb, captions overlaid.

17 May 2011

alien grey extraterrestrial zeta reticuli tape 06 – family vacation


1 minute 11 seconds of captions. 11 seconds of shaky footage showing at least 3 aliens walking out in the open.

11 seconds of captions.

The videos themselves appear to have been transferred from cine film – and seem to be slightly slowed down, based on the speed at which the time code changes in the video. I also noticed a certain “ghosting” in some of the images, such as the one shown below:

This sort of effect is/was often seen on a badly-tuned TV or when a monitor is connected to an (analogue)  video source with poor quality cabling, resulting in signal reflections – which cause the ghosting.  There may be other ways such a ghosting can be produced. It is almost certain that videos 1 & 2 were captured from a TV screen – although the sound of a cine projector can be heard in videos 1 and 2 (but not 3). In an enhanced version of the video clips that I made, I boosted the luminance and saturation of the original video and this more clearly shows coloured banding of the sort seen on old-style CRT analogue TV screens. Video 4 – the “family vacation” does not appear to exhibit any such banding and so was not captured from a TV screen.

The image above is, indeed, the KGB’s logo. We can see that some information has been blacked out – perhaps a department name?

The total length of all the “interesting” clips in the videos is 1 min 33 seconds, by my estimation. Interesting that 11 and 33 have come up a lot in the time codes!

Descriptions of 2 of the videos are found either in captions within the video itself, or within the YouTube description. These are included below. It seems clear that whomever wrote the text is not a native English speaker, though he has a good command of the language.

Video 1 – 13 Apr 2011 Video – Description (no captions in video)

The first video description states

Leaked air force ufo footage. Confidential. Classified document.1942-1969.


Relevant information:

The video contains a sample edited fragments of tapes 01, 03 and 04


Tape duration: 180 min

Total recorded duration: 1.260 min

The first video contains the following short clips, as indicated in the YouTube video’s description. The case number and appropriate time codes match what is shown in the actual video footage.

Tape 01:

Case 07/Tin bird 00:08:41 – 00:08:47


Tape 03:

Case 15/Flying twin 00:27:11 – 00:27:13

Case 15/Flying twin 00:27:34 – 00:27:39


Tape 04:

Case 23/Blue boys 00:42:50 – 00:42:51

Case 23/Blue boys 00:48:09 – 00:48:16

Case 24/Blue boys meeting 00:47:30 – 00:47:32

Case 24/Blue boys meeting 00:56:12 – 00:56:14

Case 24/Blue boys meeting 00:58:26 – 00:58:28

This appears to be the face of a dead alien, at a crash site. The facial features, as best I can tell, appear to match the features of the living alien shown in video 2.

This alien looks smaller than the others – or has been badly burned or disfigured, perhaps.

Video 2 – 1 May 2011

Captions within the video state:

Filtrate for declassification and dissemination through the Internet and media.  7 video tapes with material recorded between 1942-1969.  Material containing UFO incidents, recovery and study of extraterrestrial life forms.


Due to the importance of these documents, maintain the anonymity of the sources.


The video contains a sample edited fragments of video tape 05.  Tape duration: 180 min. Total recorded duration: 1.260 min.


Tape 05 edited fragments:

Case 25/skinny Bob 00:08:42 – 00:08:50

Case 25/skinny Bob 00:27:36 – 00:27:45

Case 26/How to drive 00:55:07 – 00:55:12

Side view of alleged alien, reaching out for something.

Front view of alleged alien, with its height being measured.

Appears to show 3 fingers and a long thumb – which match (superficially at least) what was shown as a still in video 3.

Video 3 – 8 May 2011 Video

The third video is just a set of captions, reproduced/retyped below. The only other item of interest in the video is an image of an alien handprint (as mentioned above) – showing 3 long fingers and a longish thumb.

Captions from video 3:



In  response to posts about the Documents:



The material is an edited compilation of the documents that we have.  Your opinion and the conclusion you draw from this material do not depend on us.  Maybe you are looking in the wrong direction.  You are the ones who reject this material.


Sources will not be revealed. Information that may involve any agency or people will not be disclosed. There is not any reference which made linked material to any organisation that is working today in the material exposed. However, you are speculating and making conjectures about its origins.


The material does not belong to any film company a video game, television series or other commercial products that have been revealed to date or which are currently in production. No one who is out of this may prove to be the owner of this material. No one who is out of this can prove he has in his possession the original material.


The revelation of further material will depend on the events and people.


You are the ones who create your own misinformation.

Video 4 – 17 May 2011

Captions and the video description state:

Tape 06


Family vacation


From the first contact in 1942, a series of diplomatic visits to discuss matters of mutual concern were planned.


Under the treaty 23/04, these meetings would take place in secrecy, a limited number of special agents would escort visitors and they would only meet high ranking officers.

According to the document 072 / E, at the meeting of 1961 there was an incident involving 3 subjects due to the violation of the agreement by the officers at the military base when they discovered that their arrival was been filmed with a hidden device without their consent.


Under the treaty 23/04, the meetings would be confidential and filming or taking photographs would not be allowed.


After the incident, the treaty was revised.

The shaky camera footage appears to show several aliens walking and communicating with each other, but it is not clear how the short clip relates to the video description and the cryptic “family vacation” title. It is difficult to be sure whether this video is black and white or colour. However, capturing and enhancing the video suggests that there is some colour information in the video, although it is quite minimal. I have included a couple of enhanced still images below.


There are some interesting details associated with the video descriptions – such as the way the case numbers and time codes are specified. The quality of the footage is consistent with the timescales mentioned. It looks like information has selectively been redacted in a way which would be consistent with other releases of confidential information.

The first 2 video clips, taken together appear to show:

  • A flying saucer
  • A crash site
  • Dead and living aliens
  • An alien  in captivity

The fourth video appears to show a separate incident – perhaps in 1961, as alluded to in the description. This might explain why this video probably has colour information in it. It also appears to have been captured differently, which to my way of thinking, lends support to the idea that it is genuine. Why fake such short clips in 2 different ways?

The way the videos are formatted and the way in which snippets of information have been given etc seems, to me, consistent with how this information would be catalogued/documented by an intelligence agency. The  comments made by “Ivan0135” in video 3 seem quite similar to those made by “Victor” in the “Alien Interview” documentary, which I wrote about in chapter 20 of my free “Acknowledged” book.

It’s not clear why the videos were released over a period of 5 weeks – perhaps the whistleblower did indeed intend to release more, but either he was found out and “got heat” or he realised that due to the way it was received, he thought it wasn’t worth him releasing any more, due to the number of anonymous trolls who are on a mission to preserve a reductionist world-view.

Taken at face value, and as a genuine video record, the 93 seconds of clips confirm the reality of what many of us have suspected – and found alternative/additional evidence for – that alien craft and beings have landed and crashed – or been forced down – here.There have been many stories about UFO encounters,  crashes/retrievals in the former USSR. In an interesting 1998 documentary, called “The Secret KBG UFO files,” hosted by Roger Moore, a considerable amount of investigation is done into a 1969 colour film of a crash site. The investigation provides a fair amount of evidence that the film is real. As the documentary shows, the collapse of the communist regime in the late 1980s led to some classified documents and information being “auctioned off” to the highest bidder – an instance of this was secretly filmed.

Perhaps the “Skinny Bob” video represents a small portion of what is truly known. The video descriptions given imply there are hours of additional footage – which should not surprise us, if we have already concluded that governments and intelligence agencies around the world have been keeping this stuff “top secret” for decades.

CGI or Special Effects?

For those wishing to read the views of Ben Philips, a special effects expert, see below – copied from a thread on “Reddit”.

I work in special effects, creature effects and visual effects for the film industry. IMDB me… Ben Philips. I and those I work with could fake this. The problem is I would need a small crew and would have to spend a lot of prep time and money to pull it off. The clips of Skinny Bob and ‘family vacation’ are one thing… and arguments over frame rate and whether it’s 16mm footage is irrelevant, it’s the creation of the supplemental footage that people tend to ignore and overlook, all of which are totally unique to Ivan 0135’s uploads. None of the other clips have been seen before or since. They comprise of….


A saucer being filmed from a moving vehicle hovering over what looks like a steam boat – digital composition using filmed footage and composited UFO with fantastic tracking.


Cockpit footage showing a saucer flying beside it – again an edited video with an inserted UFO.


An alien walking towards camera – this could be entirely digital but I think not because the camera shake isn’t added as an effect. This means it would be a makeup (mask) and performer or a digital edit with a CG alien.


A panning shot of a crash site in a desert – this is a physical effect shot… meaning the camera was filming an actual thing. This could have been a location build or a miniature model. I don’t think it’s a miniature though because the camera operator is walking while panning which would require the camera being motion controlled to simulate someone walking.


Autopsy footage – this would require a model alien and performers.


The last 3 clips I mentioned take the faking of this to a whole new level of expertise and professionalism. For a start the crash footage would need a location to film and a crew to either build the crashed saucer and bodies in a workshop or out on location, which appears to be a desert. This means money and people to pay, including transport to get the model saucer to location. The autopsy footage is interesting for a few reasons. One being that it’s not the same alien as Skinny Bob and is very short. it is very similar to the Ray Santilli autopsy footage that was admitted to be faked by Santilli himself. However, he claims to this day that he faked it because the original footage he bought degraded due to elemental exposure. This could possibly be a short clip of that original footage or if faked, the creators were hinting at it.


So…. if Skinny Bob was faked he’s either an animatronic puppet or CGI… or a blend of both. If it’s digital then it’s outstanding and the creator was a professional. If it’s digital then it wasn’t key frame animation but motion capture. If it was motion capture then it would need a studio set up. A studio set up means money and more people. If it was a puppet then it’s not only a stunning design but the puppeteers were top of the pile; the way he shifts his stance and looks down when he’s having his height measured is beautifully done and one of the reasons why if it is a computer generated character it was done using motion capture and not key frame animated.


I’m not saying it isn’t faked. I am proposing that if it was, then it was done by a multidisciplinary team of effects professionals. They spent a lot of time and money building physical models for extremely short clips that weren’t even the main subject matter of the video; Skinny Bob.


If faked none of those involved have broke silence since May 2011 to lay claim for their work.

Please review the thread if you want to read other views posted there – but, as ever, beware of anonymous trolls!

Update: Further analysis posted here: www.reddit.com/r/Ski…

This video is also of interest, particularly at time code 25:44, showing how the film degradation/grain effects seem to have come from a video stock library:

Original Videos

Video 1

Video 2

Video 3

Video 4

Enhanced Compilation of Clips by Andrew Johnson


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