Westall ’66: A Suburban UFO “Mystery”

One of the common false refuges of skeptics and denialists of the UFO/ET reality is the inappropriate question/statement along the lines of “Why have no flying saucers ever landed in broad daylight the middle of a city to be witnessed by 100’s of people?” Well, here is such a case – and studying it you will quickly realise how denialists are able to keep repeating similar statements and questions. That is to say, that when such events have happened, the available evidence shows that they are then comprehensively covered up.

This is a 50 minute documentary, made in 2010, about an event which happened at Westall Primary School, Melbourne on 6th April 1966 – where a flying saucer flew over that school and then landed nearby in an area called the Grange. It was witnessed at close range and when landed.

(After the first 50 minutes, the video just repeats). The documentary is quite good and I love the hand drawn animations. Editing could have been better, however, and included, for example, clear maps of exactly where the events took place on the ground, and a more specific timeline). Of course, the documentary aired on the “Sci-Fi” channel – not one of the mainstream ones.

In 2016, a few months before the 50th anniversary of the event, 3 of the witnesses were interviewed on “Studio 10” – an Australian Chat Show.

Shane Ryan – who narrates the documentary – is a teacher and writer and he started investigating the case in 2005. He also appears in this shorter 8 minute National Geographic video (you can skip over the glamourous but superfluous and irrelevant psychologist).


Ryan essentially found out (as did the witnesses) that the event was covered up and that it was likely that US military were on the scene within about 30 minutes of the landing. Immediately after the event, which only lasted a few minutes, the children were assembled by the head teacher and told “not to talk about what they’d seen.”

More details here:



This event is somewhat reminiscent of a landing that took place 28 year later, near a school in Harare, Zimbabwe on 16th Sept 1994.


Thanks to Emilio for this link: omny.fm/shows/3aw-nightline-with-phil-and-simon/westall-ufo-max-of-inverloch-with-simon-owens-and

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