Active Censorship of Dr Mercola’s Excellent Health Information Website

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It’s easy to get hooked in to using services like Google – the article made me consider how regularly I use it – purely because of using an Android phone.



  • Google’s June 2019 update, which took effect June 3, effectively removed from Google search results
  • When entering a health-related search word into Google, you no longer find articles in the search results. Instead, you find links to plagiarized articles uploaded without permission by unranked sites
  • You also can no longer locate the most pertinent Mercola articles by doing a selective search for my site, as Google provides search results for my veterinary pages instead
  • YouTube also now buries Mercola videos even when doing a selective search
  • The “Google-trusted” health websites that now dominate health searches are WebMD and Healthline, both of which promote health-harming drugs and junk food with their articles


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