The UK’s Area 51…?

RAF Machrihanish

Thanks to Dan and Gary for sending the link to the first part of this. It’s a short video series by Professor Simon Holland about Machrihanish – a Scottish airbase (which I’d never heard of). Apparently, it has the longest runway in Europe.

I think the “UK Area 51” videos promised a bit more than was delivered, but they are a worthwhile watch.

I fear the good professor has not got far enough down the line to the later destinations – as I noticed another video on his channel where he started to wax lyrical about Apollo 10… I was thinking of sending him a link to my FSSP book, because Ed Fouche was one of the people who stated that Aurora was a programme, not an aircraft. (Holland mentions this in this video series.  See if you haven’t already! ) Also, it seems the good Professor is into making pronouncements rather than studying evidence he is less familiar with…

RAF Machrihanish



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