Vanishing Stars… and (separately) a Well Known Red Star

I recently came across 2 interesting astronomy stories, so am reposting links and a short summary here!

A study by Beatriz Villarroel and others, which has compared a star catalogue from the 1950’s with a more modern day one has found that about 150,000 stars (out of 600 million) may have disappeared! Careful analysis has shown that not all of these disappearances are easy to explain… Read more here:……

Video here (sound quality patchy and of low volume, though)


Betelgeuse is Dimming Brian-Ottum-Betelgeuse_Fainting_4x4_dated_1577930828

 The famous red star in the constellation of Orion has dimmed in brightness more than ever before. Could this be a precursor to a supernova explosion, some time within a million years…?



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