“Visiting Atlantis”

Some of you on the mailing list may already be aware of all this – but the connections were new to me!

Someone recently sent me  a link (and I’ve lost track of who), to this fascinating video by George S. Alexander and Natalie Rosen – see visitingatlantis.com…. Trailer: youtu.be/K8lmJlucvbA

The full video is 57 minutes in length (someone has re-posted it).

This video came out 9 years ago! Alexander and Rosen contend that the so-called “Eye of Africa” – the Richat Structure – in Mauritania, near Western Sahara, is the remains of the city of Atlantis. (Mainstream thinkers suggest it is a collapsed Volcano – but this seems unlikely.) The first 10 minutes of a video by “World Alternative Media” (Josh Sigurdson) goes through quite a bit of evidence.



Somehow, I hadn’t come across this relationship before – and the evidence seems pretty good to me! In summary, it goes as follows:

  • The diameter of the structure is a fair match for the size given in Plato’s account of Atlantis.
  • The “concentric ring” structure also matches Plato’s description.
  • Knowing that an ancient name for Spain was “Gades” (related to the name of the Spanish City “Cadiz”), the location of the structure as given by Plato – and even an earlier map by Herodotus) is also a fair match.
  • There is evidence of a great flood, or wash, going from the structure to the Western Coast of Africa (clearly visible on Google Satellite photos – see below).
  • There are abundant sea shells in the soils and on the ground in the area.

Exploration of the region is difficult, due to its remoteness and the instability of the Western Sahara region. How fortunate we are that the Alexander/Rosen video exists, then! Considering the images above, and the idea that an enormous Tsunami swept across the region – perhaps caused by the impact of a meteorite, a YouTube comment by Edward Gold on a later Josh Sigurdson video is relevant:

When you imagine the destructive power of mega tsunamis, the bedrock was scraped bare of all the topsoil and everything swept towards the coast of the country. Many of the concentric rings would have been damaged as well. Billions of tons of rock and sand moved around to change the landscape. This is still the most likely spot for a once massive civilizations.

As is noted in one of the above videos, Mauritania is not that far from where the Dogon Tribe live – who have also been connected to ancient Egypt. (I wrote about the Dogon in my “Acknowledged” book.)

Could it be true that the reason why all of this knowledge is suppressed and marginalised is that the descendants of the people that lived in this ancient city (if it was a city) are heavily involved in the running of affairs on planet earth today?

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