The Richat Structure – Another Analysis – by Randall Carlson

Following on from the earlier message/posting, Jim sent me an interesting series of videos. Many excellent points are made in this video – including the points that the Richat Structure only has a few “matches” with Plato’s account. Randal Carlson is knowledgeable in many areas (and he is Freemason), including geology – and concludes that the Richat Structure is a natural feature (but the area was inhabited after its formation) Based on Plato’s account (and other evidence) suggests that Atlantis was probably somewhere near the Azores – but he is very careful in what conclusions he draws in these areas.

The video series, linked below, jumps around quite a bit (I wish he just went through the Atlantis evidence in a linear fashion – as he clearly knows an awful lot), but the discussion is enlightening and entertaining. (I have to wonder about “Brothers of the Serpent” moniker used in this video, though.)


From: Jim
Sent: 27 February 2020 22:03
Subject: Ref The Richat Structure


Hi Andrew

The Richat Structure is very interesting but i don`t think it is the location of atlantis due to the location described by plato, if you have not checked out the work of Randall Carlson i highly recommend it…

and here is an episode where they discuss The Richat Structure




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