Attempting to Shut Down The Corona Virus Scam

A few days ago, I sent out this link… – and quite a few people have accessed it and one person has written back to me to say it was useful for him.

Since I wrote the leaflet, things have “moved on” – with a curfew order being set in Greece (and, I understand, France and Spain too) and a further draconian bill being put through UK Parliament with added laws/powers. Knowing this, I suggest using a bit of strategy – by attempting to send information to those that are losing the most – such as big corporations and airlines whose businesses will collapse as a result of the scam.

I have already sent the message below, or one similar, to the following organisations:

  • Jet2 Holidays,
  • British Airways,
  • Weatherspoons

(I used their customer feedback pages)

I also wrote to the UK “Health” Bodies (‘‘; ‘NSS.HPSenquiries@nhs…‘; ‘general.enquiries@wa…‘; ‘‘, ‘dhcft.patientexperie…‘; ‘complaints@nottshc.n…‘)

  • Public Health England,
  • Ireland,
  • Wales
  • Scotland,
  • 2 Local Councils

You could try doing the same in your own country or region. Who knows what they will pull out next – the propaganda machine is in hyperdrive… But if a few more people know the truth, perhaps that could have a bigger effect than we think? Is it already too late?

I have included 2 sample letters below – obviously you can do your own version – but it’s worth considering doing something.


“Hard” Letter

Dear Madam/Sir,

I know you are busy, so I will be brief. Some of us know the truth – and are speaking it. I don’t expect you to be one of the listeners, due to the Mass-Media Hypnosis. Perhaps it is my lucky day, and I’ve found someone that is immune…? Here is some information for you to check and consider – once you have, you should consider the ramifications.…

Oh, and you might also consider the main person responsible for triggering the current crisis.…

Like I said, some of us know the truth and are telling others to check. I don’t know how this will end for us all. Maybe you can help write the last chapter….? You are now on notice.

Yours (Extremely) Sincerely


[Name and Address]


“Soft” Letter

Dear Madam/Sir

This is just a general message to advise you that the Corona Virus matter is not what it may appear. I know this might sound strange/unusual. However, to know this, you must check the evidence yourself. 

To help anyone, who still has the honesty and capacity to do this, I have prepared a page of information which will take about 10 minutes to read. There are 2 videos at the bottom. I am politely requesting you share this with anyone who will take this seriously and not just ignore this very, very serious issue.…

 Thanks for reading and Best Wishes.

 [Name and Address]



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