FW: 2020 Richplanet Tour has gone “VIRTUAL”

Due to the fake pandemic, Richard D Hall has had to cancel his UK speaking tour. Please consider buying a “Virtual Tour Ticket” or some RichPlanet merchandise.

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The 2020 Richplanet UK tour has been replaced with a “Virtual Tour”.

The cancellation of the tour has seriously affected Richplanet financially.
For example I purchased 7,000 pounds of merchandise which was going to be on sale during the tour, and is now sitting in storage. Approximately 1,000 ticket sales were lost due to the closure of the venues, plus some ticket holders require full refund. Enough of the sob story.

The tour presenation is available to view NOW by purchasing an online ticket at the usual tour ticket price …


If you want to help Richplanet, buying a virtual ticket would very much appreciated.

In the show, some commentry is given about the current “virus scare”
situation followed by updates on Tommy Mair and a detailed overview of the latest Manchester Arena incident book and film. In the final part futher analysis of Rendlesham UFO incident and statement analysis on Bob Lazar.

Enjoy the show!


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