ICU Nurse, Causes of Illness, Bo Jo, Eamonn Holmes and the Financial Crash


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Another set of links and info I’ve received or found over the last few days.

ICU Nurse Speaks Out – Anonymously – Voice Disguised (09 Apr)

Ben McClintock of “Defending Utah” talks to the person – 18 minute discussion. He states or implies he has more people “lined up” to blow the whistle, but I haven’t had time to check for any newer ones


Dawn Lester and David Parker authors of “What Really Makes You Ill”

They speak to Dr Andy Kaufman about their research. I have been reading their 800-page book – which is dense with information and therefore quite heavy going in places.…

Bo Jo, The UN and “Anti Vaxers”

Dominick sent me a link to Boris Johnson’s erudite speech at the UN in Sep 2019. At 8:07 into the speech he says:

…there are today people who  are still actually anti science a whole  movement called the anti-vaxxers who  refused to acknowledge the evidence that  vaccinations have eradicated smallpox  and who by their prejudices are actually  endangering the very children they want  to protect and I totally reject this  anti scientific pessimism.

This is the only group he singles out in the whole speech (listen to the whole 16 mins). This is similar to the “stunt” that David Cameron pulled in his UN speech 2015.

Regarding Mr Johnson, a reader made these comments about Johnson’s “CV recovery”

I just wanted your take on how come Boris can travel to his country house, Chequers, to recover and rest whilst others are chastised and even fined by our Gestapo Police for trying to do just that. Road blocks on main roads by me. While I do not wish Boris any harm or malice I thought his catchphrase was ‘we are all in it together’ Doesn’t seem like it to me. Perhaps your local Chief Constable would like to comment and take action, apparently he is good at that and defending his actions.

So why wasn’t BoJo quarantined for longer – in hospital – or anywhere. Oh yes, that’s right – the politicians aren’t subjected to Lockdown – as demonstrated by the trip of the Scottish Health Chief Catherine Calderwood, to her holiday home…

Every Day Concerned Website

Another reader (Bob) who was stopped by Police and checked when he went on a 6 mile trip to get shopping, sent me this website, packed with information.…


Popular UK TV Presenter Eamonn Holmes goes off script

Eamonn Holmes has interviewed David Icke in the past and so does seem ready to go a little bit outside the normal boundaries (though never too far…)

He has been criticised just for questioning the safety of 5G. In a BBC article about this, a Dr Simon Clarke of Reading University is quoted

5G radio signals are electromagnetic waves, he explained. “Electromagnetic waves are one thing, viruses are another, and you can’t get a virus off a phone mast.

“Similarly, sensible studies have failed to corroborate the claim that the signals emitted by 5G masts are able to suppress our immune systems.”

The bullet points in the article are interesting:


No, 5G does not spread coronavirus

YouTube tightens Covid-19 rules after Icke interview

Tech firms summoned over ‘crackpot’ 5G conspiracies

Holmes made the remarks on Monday in a segment with the programme’s consumer editor Alice Beer, who said the 5G theory, which has led a number of phone masts to be set alight or vandalised, was “not true and it’s incredibly stupid”.


We can also imagine a situation where 5G masts are attacked by Agent Provocateurs so that the agenda can be followed. After all, if these masts have, indeed, been damaged/vandalised or destroyed, how can we say why this was done, if we can’t catch and interview the people that did this.

But, I think that what it means is that 5G is very important in their plans – and whether or how much it affects the health of people and general flora and fauna is a secondary issue here.

“It’s Ridiculous” – Dr Scott Jensen On Broad Covid-19 Death Count Guidelines & Financial Incentives (Minnesota, USA)

Thanks to Douglas for this 6 minute interview.…

Coronavirus and the Controlled Financial Collapse (With Ernst Wolff)

These guys discuss similar issues to the ones I discussed with Jim Willie a couple of weeks ago – 44 mins…


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