FW: Manchester Arena bombing – NEW FILM

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From: Richard D Hall – RICHPLANET.NET <news@richplanet.net>
Sent: 15 May 2020 03:15
Subject: Manchester Arena bombing – NEW FILM


The latest Richplanet film “Manchester : The Night of the Bang” is now available to watch online here …


It is the third anniversary of the Manchester Arena “bombing” on 22nd May.

Please help raise awareness of what most likely occurred by forwarding and posting the link above.

You can download the entire film and upload it where ever you like. See how far you get with Youtube!

The book can be obtained here,


I hope the criminal lockdown measures are not depressing you too much and I intend to bring some inisght in future show(s) on this troubling issue.

Many Thanks,


To contact, use link below,



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