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No Mask For Me – UK Oriented Card  and T-Shirt?

I made these based on the info at www.thehealthyameric…. Also note that some Public Transport sites have exemption cards you can print out. You do not have to disclose a medical condition to anyone.



Also, I have made a T-Shirt Design and plan to order them if there is enough interest. Please place your order here by Fri 24th July (primarily aimed at UK people). If I don’t get enough orders, I will refund your money.

www.checktheevidence… Delivery to you will likely take 2-3 weeks, however.

GoFundMe for the Church and World Appeal

I have been in touch with Michael Fishwick regarding this appeal and suggested he launch a Crowd Funding Page – which he has.… Their website is .

Coronavirus and Regime Change: Burundi’s Covid Coup

Thanks to Douglas for sending this link. I saw this story a few days ago, but the posting did not seem that credible. This one links to a bit more evidence and gives clearer details.…

Here’s a little summary of Burundi’s recent history:

  • The president of Burundi, Pierre Nkurunziza, dismissed covid19 as nonsense.
  • The president of Burundi was vilified in the Western press.
  • The president of Burundi expelled the World Health Organization from his country.
  • The president of Burundi died suddenly of a “heart attack”.
  • The NEW president of Burundi immediately reversed his predecessor’s Covid19 policies.

British MP Responds with WHO “Clinical Advice”

Thanks to Emilio for these 2 items. Emilio had sent the www.keepbritainfree…. website to his MP and expressed his concern over the mask wearing mandate. Here’s the response. Doesn’t this show WHO is calling the shots?  As we know, WHO is not a body elected by us and a lot of funding goes to them from BMGF (how much clearer does it need to be…?) Also, he doesn’t quote the “science” – merely “clinical advice.” 

Dear Emilio,

Thank you for your email regarding the use of face coverings in helping prevent the spread of covid-19.

The decision to mandate the use of face coverings in indoor public areas is based on clinical advice, including that of the World Health Organisation (WHO).  While the use of face coverings by itself is not a panacea for preventing transmission of covid-19, as part of the range of measures in the guidance, including hand washing and social distancing, their wearing can reduce the spread of infection.  It’s also important to remember that carriers of covid-19 can be asymptomatic, meaning they have no idea they are infected.  Wearing face coverings reduces the chances of them passing the virus on to others.

You can read the full WHO advice here:…

The Scottish Government guidance on wearing face coverings is clear that people who would be adversely affected by wearing them – such as people with health conditions or who may experience anxiety, or young children – are exempt from the broad requirements of the measures.  You can read the full guidance on using face coverings at:….

Whilst this could be inconvenient for many and a change in how we have previously gone about our business, and that many may disagree with the measures, covid-19 remains a threat to our public health and society.  While huge progress has been made in stopping transmission, due to the collective efforts of everyone in following the guidance over recent months, the virus is still out there and still poses a risk to people’s lives.  Using face coverings is one part of the overall actions that are helping drive down the rate of infection and saving people’s lives.

Best wishes,

Jonathan Mackie
Constituency Support Manager for
Gavin Newlands MP
Paisley and Renfrewshire North

WHO Directs YouTube

Same story with YouTube (as shown in a Tucker Carlson Broadcast a few weeks ago. Emilio had uploaded a copy of Richard Hall’s “Corona Scam” video – but this was recently deleted from Emilio’s YT account, with this message:


As you may know, our Community Guidelines [1] describe  which content we allow and what we don’t allow on YouTube. Your video  The Corona Scam – A Video by Richard D Hall [2] was flagged to us for  review. Upon review, we’ve determined that it violates our guidelines  and we’ve removed it from YouTube.” and “YouTube doesn’t allow content  that explicitly disputes the efficacy of the World Health Organization  (WHO) or local health authorities’ recommended guidance on social distancing and self isolation that may  lead people to act against that guidance. “




Simon Dolan Appeal – UK Court

His appeal document is posted at… – Links below. 

Appeal documents 

Grounds of Appeal

Skeleton Argument



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