Rappoport : Humpty Dumpty falls off the wall, Met Police Update on Jab Investigations, WHO Treaty through the backdoor and More

Shocker: pandemic end game; Humpty Dumpty falls off the wall; cover is blown

by Jon Rappoport February 22, 2022


Two breaking developments—


Iceland cancels all COVID restrictions. Not because case numbers are dropping, but because, as I’ve written several times, once you (falsely) accept the existence of a new spreading virus, you’re committed to a narrative which can only end with EVERYONE INFECTED—and THAT’S called herd immunity.


Shocking story number two—

The health/life insurance company tidal wave is breaking.

Well, of course it is. Who did you think was going to be left holding the bag for all the unreported injuries and deaths stemming from the COVID vaccines?

These life insurance companies employ actuaries, and these smart guys predict the number of claims they’re going to pay out…and THAT’S how they decide what the policy holders must pay…in order for the companies to maintain their profits…

German Health Insurance Claims Show 31,254 Deaths Following COVID-19 Vaccines While Official Government Stats Report Only 2,255


by Brian Shilhavy

Editor, Health Impact News

The entire COVID-19 vaccine narrative continues to come apart at the seams as yet another media report was published today in Germany stating that a large German health insurance company analyzed data from 10.9 million insured individuals regarding injuries and fatalities following COVID-19 vaccines during the first half of 2021 and into the 3rd quarter which showed significantly higher numbers than what the German government has reported.

UK Metropolitan Police – UPDATE: Assessment of allegations relating to the UK Covid-19 vaccine programme


Following an assessment of all the available evidence, it is clear that no criminal offences are apparent. The Metropolitan Police will not be launching a criminal investigation and no further action will be taken in relation to the allegations.

The complainants have been written to, informing them of this decision.

I picked this up in a facebook posting – it came from someone called “Bev” (but was posted by someone else)

So it seems that the Metropolitan Police have dropped the investigation despite the overwhelming damning evidence. Well there’s a fkn surprise eh. The Met are the epitome of corruption, self serving protectors of the City of London financial cartels, and all round legalized criminals. Did we really expect anything other? No but it proves once again the level of corruption that’s beset this planet. Please see below the update from Bev


There will be an official reply within the next 24-48 hours via PJH Law. [EDIT: Here it is – mainly a restatement of evidence]

The articles from February 22nd in mainstream media and from The Metropolitan police on their Twitter account “dropping the investigation” are correct.

That is their stance re no investigation, but, there are a number of major failings on their part and they will be addressed.

The Metropolitan Police said they assessed all of the evidence.

However, they never spoke to or made contact with any of the world leading experts, a list of forty Doctors, Professors, Virologists, Immunologists, Data experts and Lawyers were ignored.

The Metropolitan Police never spoke to or made contact with any of the victims, at least four hundred statements were submitted to them.

The Metropolitan Police never spoke to any of the NHS whistleblowers who submitted damning evidential statements.

The Metropolitan Police never spoke to any of the care workers who submitted damning evidential statements.

The Metropolitan Police never spoke to any of the doctors or the GPs, some of the statements the GPs submitted are harrowing and deeply disturbing surrounding the vaccine damage and deaths.

The Metropolitan Police never spoke to any of the fifteen offenders cited in the original criminal complaint.

The Metropolitan Police have completely ignored the two independent forensic reports exposing the harmful and toxic ingredients identified in the vaccines.

So we are at a loss as to what exactly have The Metropolitan Police been doing for the last two months?

Thank you for the continued support, please keep reporting these crimes to your local police stations. Regardless of the poor decision made by The Metropolitan Police crimes are still being committed and the police have a duty to investigate each one on an individual basis.

Can you please be mindful and avoid making contact unless absolutely necessary. We appreciate the messages but they are time consuming trying to reply.

Thank you all very much.

Keep going, nothing’s changed, we stop the vaccines and protect our children.

WHO – An international treaty on pandemic prevention and preparedness


The WHO wants countries to sign a new Covid-19 treaty in only about 2 months. This treaty would have the “WHO Constitution” take precedence over a country’s constitution during natural disasters or pandemics.

This would allow them to make their “guidelines” mandatory to the public of all countries who sign.

The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation is the second highest donor to the WHO, after the US government. We know how this would end.

Dr. Astrid Stuckelberger worked for the WHO for 20 years. She says that every country should send a public letter of protest to the WHO, saying that their people DO NOT accept a signature of their Minister of Health.

WHO wants all countries to sign this letter before May 2022. Spread this like fire!

This is why they are dropping the mandates. Everyone thinks they are free again and then they create another pandemic.

The Pushback for FREEDOM 2022 – 2023

A good video from the Hardwick Alliance


PolitiFact does a fact check on VAERS (the NVIC interface)

This is a sad reminder of how some people just stick to the narrative, no matter what…



Incredible that so-called “expert” minds have taken weeks and months to decide – and even now, of course, it is unlikely United Airlines will backdown – and the inhuman entities running the company (and most other large corporates) will, I am guessing, try to put it in the Supreme Court….


From 9/11 to ‘Covid-19’: Fakery & the War waged on Mankind

New (Free) Book from Former MI5 Officer, David Shayler. In some sense, Shayler has been through similar experiences to David Icke, but this is worth a look.

Shedding, Vaccines and Graphene Machines

More from Dr Sam Bailey – densely packed – although I think that the “nano router” part may be incorrect (she doesn’t spend long on this though).


The founder of the weather channel explains the global warming hoax in combative interview on CNN


CNN Director Admits They Pushed Propaganda To Get Trump Out Of Office…Says Climate Change Propaganda Is Coming Next

How our responses to climate change and the coronavirus are linked

  • The coronavirus pandemic may lead to a deeper understanding of the ties that bind us on a global scale.
  • Well-resourced healthcare systems are essential to protect us from health security threats, including climate change.
  • The support to resuscitate the economy after the pandemic should promote health, equity, and environmental protection.


Protestors Vs Jacinda, In the Last Two of Days

They’re right! Shame on the lot of these masked soulless robots.


NZ – Police and Armed Forces Mandate ILLEGAL


What did the Court decide?

The Court ruled that the mandate was unlawful.

The Minister for Workplace Relations and Safety had received public health advice that there was no requirement for a vaccine mandate on public health grounds, but he decided to go ahead anyway on the grounds to ensure continuity of services provided by the NZDF and Police.

The Court agreed that the mandate imposed on members of Police and NZDF limited their rights, and that the government had not demonstrated that this limitation was justified in a free and democratic society.

Archbishop Viganos’ message to the Canadian Truckers and the world (17 Feb 2022 approx)

An excellent summary.




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