Helping People Understand Where the Towers Went

Helping People Understand Where the Towers Went

an Odyssey

Andrew Johnson – ad.johnson@ntlworld….

The purpose of this article is to describe a bit of the background as to how I got involved with the publishing and distribution of the “Where Did the Towers Go?” book and it also describes the lengths that so many people had to go to – to ensure this book actually became available.

Searching for Truth

In 2003 I began an intensive re-investigation  of the topics of UFOs and Aliens, following the availability of broadband “always-on” internet in the town where I lived in Derbyshire. During this investigation, I came across a great deal of information that was new to me. This included an alternative narrative about the events of September 11th 2001 – when, allegedly, 4 planes were hijacked by Muslim men and crashed into 3 “targets” in the USA – several thousand miles away… One plane allegedly crashed in a field Shanksville (Pennsylvania?), another allegedly crashed into the Pentagon building in Washington DC. However, the planes which allegedly crashed into the World Trade Centre Towers were witnessed by the greatest number of people – probably numbering in the tens of thousands.

Like most other people, I was traumatised by the events of 9/11 and had no real reason to ask any questions about it other than ones such as “why would anyone be horrible enough to do these things?”

By late 2004 I knew the official narrative could not be true but I also began to learn that there were many “blind alleys” which one could stumble into in attempting to learn what the truth actually was. Although I realised that the towers “disappeared at free-fall speed” in a way which could not have been caused by a plane crash, I believed the folks that said the towers were destroyed using some sort of incendiary or explosive. I’ve written about this quite a few times already – the most detailed account can be found in my first book “9/11 Finding the Truth.” (I self-published this in 2009).

In that book, I described how some time in 2006, I started talking to a chap called Frank Ferguson. He had somehow seen my postings on the internet and had got to know of my involvement with an internet group called “Scholars for 9/11 Truth” and he knew of the work of another “9/11 Truth Scholar” called Dr Judy Wood. Eventually, he brought us into contact and the three of us spoke on Skype (or maybe it was on the phone). Before this, however, Dr Wood and I had somehow got onto the same email list, some time before we first talked on the phone (or Skype). Little did I know back then how lengthy and “full of detail” our discussions and deliberations would become. Dr Wood explained to me how “the towers didn’t burn up, nor did they slam or crash to the ground… they mostly turned to dust in mid-air.” We also began to learn that there seemed to be a reason why certain people were involved in the “truth movement.” (It was not because they were interested in learning the truth, but because they were interested in covering it up.) Most notably, Dr Stephen E Jones – from Brigham Young University. We found it extremely odd that Jones had been involved in energy research in the past – into the phenomenon which became (mis-)known as Cold Fusion. Dr Wood had clearly identified that energy effects were seen in the remaining WTC evidence – in relation to the effects on materials that were left when the towers had disappeared.

Beginnings and BBE

As soon as she saw the events of 9/11 unfold on TV, Dr Wood knew that something strange was going on – as she has described many times in interviews she has given. She soon began posting her own research and investigation and privately shared some of her questions and findings with some other engineers and scientists she knew. In order to do this, she made a few web pages and began to post these in 2004 and by 2006, she had posted pages at a tripod site janedoe0911.tripod.c… (The earliest archived posting is from June 2006).

An early part of Dr Wood’s research was actually presented at an engineering conference in 2005, while she was still employed by Clemson University. She called this the “Billiard Ball Example” (BBE) – which was an analysis of the behaviour of the towers as they were disappearing. The towers disappeared in less than 10 seconds. Wood’s “example” illustrated how this was impossible if normal/accepted physics were at work. She illustrated the idea of a billiard ball falling the height of one floor in one second then triggering the next billiard ball to fall down onto the floor below. If this experiment had been done with 110 floors, it would have taken 110 seconds for the towers to disappear. In other words, the towers disappeared at a rate which was very close to that of freefall and the BBE was a good way to show this.

Following on from the BBE, using a collection of diverse evidence, she essentially established that most of the towers had “blown away in the wind.” She also established that the dust into which they were transformed had continued to break down – after the incredible destruction had taken place. For some reason, few people wanted to talk about this – particularly if they had decided that the buildings were destroyed using bombs or an incendiary called thermite – which is what Dr Stephen E Jones and quite a number of his compatriots and supporters were saying. Within the 911 Scholars group, most members seemed either at best indifferent or at worst in extreme opposition to the conclusions Dr Judy Wood had drawn – that some sort of Directed Energy technology had been used to turn the towers to dust. Thankfully, Dr Morgan Reynolds spent time working with Dr Wood and produced a detailed article rebutting the claims of Jones and his followers – whilst essentially proving that the towers must have turned to dust and the destruction could not (obviously) have been caused by plane crashes or the use of any number of bombs or incendiaries. The Wood/Reynolds article/paper was posted in August 2006 (and some revisions were made over the next few months). This article/paper seemed to form the basis for a crucial working relationship between the “two good doctors.”

By 2007, Wood had amassed and posted voluminous evidence to prove what she had said about the destruction and disappearance of the towers and she had done several public presentations of this evidence.

Again, I spent a considerable amount of time documenting the actions of some of the so-called 9/11 scholars and was regularly posting referenced articles discussing in detail what they had said about Wood’s research. I covered this “ad nauseam” in my first book.


Later in 2007, following extensive research, Dr Morgan Reynolds, Dr Wood and an attorney, Jerry Leaphart had gathered enough evidence and information to initiate legal action against US government contractors. These contractors had taken government money to produce technical reports for the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) – about the destruction of the WTC buildings. These technical (NIST) reports were called “The Collapse of the World Trade Centre Towers”. Leaphart identified a law under which a legal case could be built against the contractors. These contractors had breached the “Data Quality Act” (DQA) and produced faulty (fraudulent) reports and this fraud could be (quite easily) proved from the data that Wood and Reynolds had already collected. Before this case could be lodged, Wood and Reynolds needed to compile a “Request for Correction” (RFC) to inform NIST of the errors in their report and how these errors should not have been made, if the research and analysis had all been done honestly and accurately. Wood’s RFC documents ran to approximately 50 pages. These RFC documents were revised and more evidence was added. NIST were therefore given an opportunity to correct the errors in their public reports, before legal action was initiated.

The Beginnings of the WDTTG Book

Essentially, the BBE (mentioned above) and the RFC documents formed the basis of what would become the WDTTG book. Wood had no intention of publishing a book initially – her objective was to try and hold the relevant contractors and government bodies accountable for their errors (and lies?). They declined the opportunity. You can read about the court case on Dr Wood’s website.

Dr Wood had a lot more evidence of the science fraud – and the evidence of this fraud was never properly presented in any detail before a jury etc. Wood had continued to post more and more evidence on her website – in several series of pages, reaffirming that her conclusions about the use of energy weapon technology were correct.

Sometime after the dismissal of the case against the contractors (the two main ones being ARA and SAIC), Dr Wood decided to write a book which would include much of the evidence she had compiled. It soon became clear that it would be a long book! Early discussions with a  publisher called Feral House did not prove easy nor were they fruitful. I discussed more of the details about this in chapter 33 of 9/11 Finding the Truth (3rd edition). I wrote a little more about this in chapter 12 of my second 9/11 book “9/11 Holding the Truth.”  It seemed like Feral House had, over a period of 6 to 12 months, tried to hamper publication of the book. Initially, they proposed a book of about 300 pages, with colour image inserts. Over time, they said that it should be shorter – with only monochrome images. Dr Wood knew this would not be appropriate and so bought back the publishing contract/rights.

The New Investigation Publisher

Dr Wood and a fellow/former 9/11 Scholars’ Group member, Russ Gerst then set about forming their own publishing company “The New Investigation” and, with the help of an electrician and RBN radio host Ralph K Winterrowd – based in Alaska, they identified a printer in the far east who was capable of printing hardback books, in bulk, at a competitive price. By mid-2010, Dr Wood had completed the manuscript for “Where Did the Towers Go” and she completed much of the typesetting and other work herself (using software on her own trusty Macintosh PC!). She designed the cover and a CUNY English Professor, Dr Eric Larsen, wrote the foreword. Dr Wood made this foreword and the preface to the volume freely available. In it, Dr Eric Larsen wrote:

The book you hold in your hands is the most important book of the twenty first century. Let me explain why I say such a thing. Where Did the Towers Go? is a work, assuming that its content and message are properly and fairly heeded, that offers a starting point from which those who genuinely want to do it can begin, first, to rein in and then, perhaps, even end the wanton criminality and destructiveness of a set of American policies that took as their justification and starting point the horrific events of September 11, 2001.

It is now almost a decade since 9/11 took place, and in all that time no unassailable, permanent, or, in pragmatic terms, politically influential progress has been made in determining exactly and irrefutably what took place on that day—or what did not take place.

But now Dr Judy Wood, in this unique, powerful, landmark work of forensic scientific investigation, provides us at last with that determination: She shows us what did happen on 9/11. Although Dr Wood’s scientific training and understanding are deep and complex, she has the gift of being able, without compromise, to express ideas of the greatest complexity in terms readily understandable to any interested and attentive lay person.

Dr Wood had to take out a loan to finance the initial print run for the book.

By the very end of 2010, the first run of books had been printed and a few copies were shipped to the USA. Not long after, another shipment arrived in the UK.

A Physical Effort and Amazon

A pile of boxes on the street Description automatically generated

First books arrive at my house in Derbs, UK – 08 April 2011

Following the arrival of the shipment, both Russ Gerst in the USA and myself in the UK were physically shifting and stacking boxes of books in whatever space we had available… There was an immediate demand for the book – because we had worked hard to circumvent the efforts of those who wanted the research to be covered up. We’d been talking about the evidence, between us, since 2004.

So, Russ and myself  effectively became the publisher – and bought packaging materials and postage labels, so that we could get the book delivered to those who wanted to read it. It was hard work, as we were doing this work in parallel with “regular jobs” and our everyday family lives. The book was (and is) being sold through www.wheredidthetower….


Second shipment Arrives in Derbyshire, 18 Nov 2011

Books stacked in my office room – 20 Nov 2011

Shipping orders – 20 Nov 2011


Sometime later, Russ and Dr Wood decided that it would be much easier to make the book available through Amazon, because Amazon would then handle storage and distribution – so later printings of the book saw most of the copies being shipped to Amazon distribution centres.

We also did this, for a while, in the UK – and this made it much easier for me to ship out the books – particularly across Europe, where Amazon’s shipping costs to customers were much lower.

I actually “missed a trick” with selling on Amazon because what happened was someone ordered several books from me multiple times and I wondered what they could be doing with them. I found out that they were selling them on Amazon – at an inflated cost! I then had to work out how to become an Amazon seller myself… Once I had set all that up, we were able to get multiple boxes shipped to an Amazon Warehouse. From then on, I didn’t have to physically open the boxes of books and pack and wrap them individually and then take them to the post office etc.

Although some people obviously think that selling through Amazon is a bad idea, because it is a significant part of the “global control network,” their platform has become the one where people go and look for books. Whilst some authors have experienced censorship on the Amazon platform, this has not been our experience. We can argue that the review and (originally) their commenting/discussion features helped promote sales of the book.

Talks, Talks, Talks

Although I had managed to “offload” some handling of the books to Amazon, I was still taking copies of the book to all the talks I was doing in the UK, so again there was physical effort involved in packing and unpacking the books whenever I was invited to give a talk. So I travelled across the UK with the books. In 2011 and 2012, Dr Wood was able to come to the UK and give a few talks herself!

A person and person writing on a book Description automatically generated

Dr Judy Wood at Kent Freedom Movement – 15 Nov 2012

Brexit and UK Book Storage

Whilst the USA shipments still proved to be economical when done through Amazon, the occurrence of Brexit meant that I could no longer easily sell copies in Europe through Amazon, so I had to withdraw them. Amazon’s storage fees proved too high – it was cheaper to store them elsewhere, because the rate of UK (only) sales meant that the books were in storage for too long. For a time, we were helped by Danielle and Lloyd Bryant of “Shopholistic”, who held some boxes for us, though they eventually had to “downsize” and could no longer store books.

Since the first print copies had come to the UK, I had periodically shipped boxes of 10 books to Richard D Hall, whose “Richplanet” TV show and public speaking events were the main reasons why people in the UK found out about the book. Richard D Hall interviewed myself and Dr Wood multiple times and gave us an opportunity to describe the book and its contents. Most of the early UK orders for the book came as a result of his coverage of the evidence.

In mid-2020, a further print run of the book was completed, but I had no easy way to store the boxes in the UK, so I put out an appeal. A chap called Justin kindly responded and agreed to store a large number of boxes for us – for free! I had to co-ordinate this with him.

A forklift in a warehouse Description automatically generated

Books Arriving in Portsmouth, UK, 16 Oct 2020

Justin stored the books for over 3 years – and willingly helped me send boxes to various places (including my own house) so that I could ship them out to folks who ordered them. Justin was always willing to collect boxes of books from his storage unit and arrange shipment to me – and he must have spent a fair bit of time over the years helping us distribute the books. By this time, most of the books were being sold through my eBay listings – somehow, people were finding them there.  A few were being sold through my Website  www.checktheevidence….

By April 2024, my domestic circumstances had changed, such that I could now store more boxes at my house and so I made a 360-mile round trip, in a rented van, to collect the remaining boxes of books from Justin so that I no longer needed to trouble him to ship them to me.

A stack of cardboard boxes Description automatically generated

More book box shifting! 15 April 2024

Also by this point, the UK’s Royal Mail had started a free “doorstep collection” service, where they would even print and attach labels to parcels. This meant that all I really had to do was pack the books and leave them in a safe place for collection – this eased the order fulfilment process considerably.

So, in the UK, this leaves me as the only person who is able to supply new WDTTG books to those people that have decided to make a commitment to reading it. I am still opening and lifting boxes, packing and wrapping the books.

Why Not a PDF or Electronic Version?

It has been asked why there isn’t an electronic (PDF, iPad, Kindle, ePub etc) version of the book… Well, there are several reasons. The main argument is that if you do want to know the truth, then you will commit yourself to reading a physical book. With an electronic book, there is arguably more of a tendency for the reader to skim read or “dip into sections.” Getting a physical, hardback copy of a book is not as easy or as cheap as getting an electronic version. The reading experience – and process – is different and one can argue, then, the reader would sincerely want to know the truth about what happened to the WTC complex on 9/11. The book should leave you in no doubt.


I started shipping books out in 2011 and have continued to do this for 13 years. My children have grown up and my life is quite different now to how it was back then. I am glad that I have been able to play a part in providing an opportunity for people to learn what truly happened on 9/11 and why it is so important to understand the evidence and its implications. Below, I name a few people who have helped me/us along the way.

People and Groups who have helped (Thanks so much!)

This is a list of some of the many people who have helped – in large and small ways – make the WDTTG book or make it available or raise awareness of its existence in a positive way. There are many others who have lent support to the production or distribution of the WDTTG book. Thanks to every one of you!

Dr Judy Wood

Dr Morgan Reynolds

Jerry Leaphart

Frank Ferguson

Ambrose I Lane (deceased)

Russ Gerst


Adam Dwyer

Ralph K Winterrowd (deceased)

Dr Eric Larsen

Richard D Hall

Matthew Naus

Abraham Hafeez Rodriguez

Anthony Beckett

Scott and Regina Meredith

Theo Chalmers

Jeroen Van Stratten

Stewart Pound

Mel V

Isaac J

Andy and Claire Feeney (Truth Juice Birmingham)


Joanie Heron

Evan Denton

Peter Donnelly

Rob and Chrissy at New Horizons, Lytham St Annes

Mark Conlon

Nicky Brierly

Ian and Laura (Edinburgh)

Sally Kennedy & Seth

Franco Soldani & Emmanuel

Alexander Millington Synge

George Robinson

Brendan Houlihan

Omar Fowler (deceased)


Andrew Roland Oliver (Doc Mustard / Ollie Blossom Breezy – Deceased)

Maureen Waters & Truth Seekers Northeast

Morris Herman

Hilary Kitching

Danielle and Lloyd Bryant

Justin Smith

Southern Souls YT channel (Toronto)

Chris Shak

Christian Hampton (Wolfclan Media)

Mathiew Estepho (Math Easy Solutions)

Jon Fortenberry

Maker(s) of “9/11 Observable Evidence” Video Series

Joanne Summerscales

Miles Johnston

And anyone else I’ve forgotten!


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