Richard D Hall in “The Light,” Royals & Normalisation, Bigfoot & the Ethereans, David Icke’s Ex, 2 Health-related topics and More

In the first video below, I discuss the links just beneath this paragraph.

The first links are to do with Richard D Hall’s case and David Hughes’ work on COVID etc. I also discuss David Icke’s ex wife Pamela Richards – and her accounts relating to shape-shifting reptilian beings (stay with me!). I also mention Pamela Richards’ US military connections.

For me, the theme here is again “joining things together.” The “bigfoot” video includes accounts from quite a few witnesses regarding their sightings or interactions with a humanoid creature. Sometimes it warns them, others it seems to trigger other synchronicities in their lives. One account describes how a bigfoot being transforms (and a CGI reconstruction of the event is included). The accounts give an impression of a being which isn’t quite as “physical” as we are. It seems to be able to change shape, teleport or become invisible.

The Versadoco video talks about “bioplasma” – and how there may be lifeforms around us that are made of bio-plasma (etheric beings or “ethereans”, but we can’t normally detect or perceive them. It goes into some of the experiments and science which support(s) this conclusion.

Back to Icke etc – I don’t think Pamela Richards’ / Icke’s view of the reptilian shape shifting is accurate – but I don’t dismiss the idea that reptilian shape shifting beings might exist – just not the way Icke describes. They don’t physically change shape and might not even be reptilian as such – that’s just the way some folks perceive them. It ties in with the idea of etheric beings, I think!

I later discuss the issue two of the (British) Royals having cancer and how “joined up thinking” may reveal that the media reports of this are part of psychological operation – the normalise the increased instances of cancer and its apparent increased virulence – since the COVID jab roll-out.

Below the links and video, I include 2 emails I have been sent recently. The first, from Shane, highlights a very useful set of health-related links (most or all from a website called Nutrition Facts).

Below that is another email from Rob Deacon which I thought provided an excellent summary of how the COVID operation worked, from the perspective of German New Medicine – GNM.…………………………………



Nutrition Facts

From: Shane

Subject: Alzheimer’s disease

Hi, I saw you featured a video about an Alzheimer’s disease treatment. I’ve been researching health stuff a lot lately since I’ve been trying to help a friend with her diabetes. With any disease you want to know the cause and how to prevent it, not just be looking for treatments for the symptoms.

It turns out the cause of type 2 diabetes is known, saturated fat:…


And it’s preventable and reversible with a whole food plant based diet:……


And saturated fat might be the cause of AD, too, along with dietary cholesterol, glycotoxins, and endotoxins:…………


A randomized trial on reversing AD with a plant-based diet, as well as other lifestyle changes, was just published:……


Technically, for true reversal, you’d have to regenerate lost cells and regain lost memories, which I don’t think the lifestyle study or infrared device showed. But anything’s possible.


The guy in the video said he’s a pharmacologist. That means he’s interested in making patentable, profitable drugs/treatments, typically just to address the symptoms.


Last time I emailed you, I brought up the Ringing Cedars of Russia books. In those books, Anastasia says this:

“The man of the technocratic world has yet to invent anything nature doesn’t have. Even perfected man-made mechanisms are but a pathetic likeness of what already exists in nature.”


The trap of the technocratic path is a big theme in the books.


So what’s a natural version of his device that shines infrared light on people’s heads for 12 minutes a day? About half of sunlight is infrared. Our whole body is penetrable by light, not just our heads, so spending time in the sun would theoretically give you this treatment for your whole body.


And here’s an article backing that up:

“Insufficient Sun Exposure Has Become a Real Public Health Problem”



Plants and exercise give all the same benefits he talked about in his presentation:


Exercise and plants for brain derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF):…


Broccoli for heat shock proteins (HSPs, chaperone proteins), mitochondria, reducing brain inflammation:…


Beets and ATP:…


Beets + exercise boosting nitric oxide (NO) and neuroplasticity:…


Reducing beta amyloid in a petri dish with apple juice and ginger:…


You’ve probably noticed almost all of the links I provided are to They’re well done videos covering nutrition science research. Really a treasure trove. I’ve watched a lot of their videos.


COVID and German New Medicine

Hi Andrew:-


Hope you are well, we’re going great – very busy actually. A lot more “unwell” guests, I’d say though.


This nonsense is probably just testing the water, but appears the next staged pandemic might be bird flu (or KFC flu as I call it).

 I think it’s time for us all to have a good think, maybe even a group chat with a few people (including Danielle) as there is potential for too much truth do actually do a lot of harm to people. See my post on the GNM site below to understand what I mean. Covid is essentially the same as Spanish flu, just with a shorter conflict phase:-

 FB post >>>>>>>>>>


 A Covid Sum-up according to GNM:-


A recurring & prolonged scare/death-fright conflict causing cell proliferation in the lungs. The cell proliferation is a prehistoric reaction to allow you to breathe harder (and hence run faster/fight stronger) in times when you could genuinely get attacked by something/someone. In those days the attack would normally be over quite quickly one way or another, so the cell proliferation was only temporary. Nowadays, with 24-7 media propaganda, the conflict phase for this pseudo-attack can last far longer. The conflict is resolved by things like “good news” or the placebo effects of an injection and brought back into conflict by “bad news” (ie: rising rates in your area) and other scary media. Of course, there is no conflict if you’re not scared of airborne microbes or TV at all. There are no real symptoms during the conflict phase, so people will tend to “get Covid” when they are actually feeling a bit safer and the conflict is resolved to some degree.

 Claims they made or planted in the media (remember the code – “deceive without lying where possible”):-   


1.      Jabs will not protect you from getting it, but will reduce symptoms. Correct (although the jabs can harm you in other ways) – the sooner you feel safe, the sooner the conflict is resolved and the less severe the healing phase will be. Only for those who believe in the deadly microbes, of course.

2.      Social distancing will protect you – if you believe it, then correct again – you’ll feel less frightened.

3.      Masks will protect you – if you believe it, guess what? A dilemma for those who know it’s a lie though – do you conform and help people to feel safer or do you not conform to show them what a load of nonsense it all is, possibly scaring them and putting them more “at risk”. Clever stuff!

4.      A positive PCR test means that you almost certainly have it. Possibly, but the “it” in question is definitely not the “it” that they are pretending it is.

5.      The jabs are safe. The lie of the century, but again – if people had been kept in their fear state, how many more would have died?

6.      People who don’t have the jab are the super-spreaders. Pretty much nonsense as we don’t wear signs on our heads that say who’s been poisoned and who hasn’t. Still has to be marginally true with friends who might be scared of catching something from you.

7.      Vaccine shedders put the unvaccinated at risk. Again, in a way, if the unvaccinated are scared of this then they will have fear of the vaccinated, so are more likely to get ill. A load of proverbial, of course.   

8.      Spike proteins will make your body over-react in the future. I am not medically qualified to be able to answer this. If a fear state encourages spike proteins, then they are implying that the proteins are the problem not the fear. More scaremongering though, methinks.

9.      Lock your grannies up to protect them. Look out for increased dementia levels caused solely by this cruel act.




This is a clear example of GNM being used as a terrorist weapon. The people who run the show (if they are human) understand GNM far better than any of us and know exactly how to tune our fear to get the results they require.


The way forwards?


I don’t know 100% to be honest. The most important thing is to reduce people’s fear levels. Ultimately, the truth will do that, but short-term it could be even more scary than the media show:-


1.      I like Tom Cowan’s idea of simply showing people how scared you are NOT and subtly planting the notion that they might want to find out what you’re on that makes you so happy.

2.      The truths they need to know about to feel safer are the most important – ie: that it’s all a show (just like any other TV production) and there’s little or nothing dangerous behind any of it. And of course, that there are no deadly microbes about to wipe the World’s population. Only fear can do that and if that’s the case, then there’s nothing to be fearful about.


We need a different approach than last time, if indeed they are going to spring another “outbreak” of some sort onto us. 


Explaining the Idea of GNM

I use computer games as an analogy. If you have a graphics glitch on screen, where does it stem from? Answer – the core/the brain, so you need to ?x the code, not the screen. Modern medicine tries to fix the screen whereas GNM debugs the code for you. Computers are just a stupid copy of the human brain, I should know as I’ve been programming them for over 40 years. Actually, computers are a reasonable analogy in general. Some drugs like antihistamines, for example, essentially press the RESET button when things go wrong, they take you back to the start of conflict, in other words. If the original conflict has gone, this can be very useful sometimes, but it’s not really addressing the main underlying problem, of course, so the sneezes will come back eventually. BTW I have the same frustration as you, it’s my biggest conflict actually. GNM is a relatively small part of it compared to the 24/7 propaganda machine that is ruining everyone’s lives.


I always quote Hamer’s history BTW, how he discovered GNM when his son was killed, how he was hounded & sent to prison twice for the crime of curing the incurable of cancer, how their third attempt to jail him failed when he produced a massive portfolio of the patients he cured etc. Another thing I point out sometimes is that all of this clearly shows us that the World we live in today is not the World we “evolved” to live in, so that’s why our biology is a bit crap sometimes. The best example here is a prolonged separation anxiety which can ultimately lead to dementia. In the days when we lived in family groups/communities, being separated from the pack could be quite a dangerous thing, so the anxiety was necessary to get us to find the pack again ASAP. Given that this didn’t happen very often or for very long in those days, the minor brain damage that followed (to alleviate the scary memory) was not important, but these days single old folk in particular can be alone staring at blank walls day after day and we clearly haven’t evolved very well to cope with this.


Another one I came up with yesterday to point out to folk the notion of your brain initiating responses rather than your “immune system” – ask them this:- “If someone tries to punch you in the face, do your arms automatically come up to defend you or does your brain make them do it?”


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