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Andrew Johnson – ad.johnson@ntlworld….

18 Nov 2015 

For people like myself (and perhaps Richard D Hall), we are sometimes given to wonder exactly what people have learned from what we have tried to show them over the last few years. For both Richard and myself, we have learned some things that are true and some things that we thought were true are not true. We have had to revise certain conclusions. Many of the topics we have studied are difficult to get good, reliable information about. In Richard’s case, he has expended A LOT of physical energy, time and money in obtaining certain information.. For myself, I have largely been through this process from a chair. Nevertheless, I have been on a journey.


Some people have written to me saying they have had their minds opened by what I have written about and shown – and this is more often than not because they have seen an interview between Richard and myself (or another of Richard’s programmes related to what I talk about). However, I have recently identified a new and worrying situation that seems to have arisen  – some people seem to have had their minds opened so much that their brains have fallen out. They have apparently lost their ability to observe what is right in front of them. They have, if you will, been "conspiracised" and lost their ability to distinguish between what is observable and real and is NOT open to debate and what we have been deceived over – in the areas covered on this website. An small example of this arose on a Facebook posting today, following a recent interview that Richard D Hall posted on the topic of The Expanding Earth. Someone wrote:

Just seen it on YT, great stuff!! How comes you haven’t discussed the "Flat earth theory" not that I believe it for one second?!? Cheers

I responded thus:

Why waste time on things that are not worth talking about and utterly false – shall we discuss the theory that all humans have 1 leg and the 2nd one is just an illusion?

What is worrying is that after the programme was broadcast I received several emails about the "Flat Earth" Psy-Op. Indeed, this has been a problem for several months – so much so that I had to update my "Contact Page" adding this text:

  • If you have been fooled into thinking the Earth is flat because NASA faked the Moon Landings and that it hides data and doctors photos, please read the article at this link and do not write to meInstead, study astronomy, trigonometry and navigation and you will realise you’ve been fooled.

This seemed to reduce the flow a little bit, but I then had people emailing me directly about the same  erroneous conclusions (which I can expect in one sense, because my email address is public and posted on many articles on my website.) However, today, I had an email where I suspected the sender had deliberately bypassed my contact page so I could not accuse him of not reading the warning above. You can read the (anonymised) exchange below if you wish, but my point in writing this was to illustrate that recent promotion of a "Flat Earth" is a dangerous and successful PsyOp – which has now introduced doubt where there should only be certainty. It has already destroyed knowledge (which has been in existence for thousands of years) and it has damaged people’s intellect and reasoning. Such is the result of the "noise" generated by anonymous web/blog/forum posters and YouTube video makers – who often times cannot be traced, aren’t accountable for their lies and – in at least some cases, seem to be unstable and actually lie in their stated goal.


If you read the exchange below, the guy implies he is a "truth seeker" but then admits that he ignored what I wrote on my contact page and claimed I had not studied the evidence (a lie). He ignored my wish not to be contacted, then insulted me several times. I therefore present this as an example of how badly affected some people are.


Can you observe reality for yourself, away from this web page, YouTube and Facebook? I am disappointed that so many people seem not to be able correctly interpret their own basic observations – or they just don’t do them – and instead want someone like me to do it for them. Why is someone like the person below so desperate to get me to look at this obviously false scenario? I think I know the answer – have you worked it out yet? (Clue: It’s to do with discrediting serious and important research – oops I gave you the answer! Silly me!)


[If anyone wants to do any research on the promotion of this Psychological Operation – then feel free to make a blog posting about it…]

From: Chris Truth Seeker
Sent: 18 November 2015 18:27
To: ad.johnson@ntlworld….
Subject: Future topic and or guets.


Hi there,


I am emailing you today to make you aware of a very important and growing topic within alternative media / information. I feel it necessary to suggest to you that you at the very least look into this with the hope that you address the topic and have some of the accomplished better known knowledgeable people in this topic as a guest.


Personally, i have been intensively looking into all kinds any types of alternative topics and also conspiracies for the last four years plus and have very rarely taken a day off, as i am assuming i am not really into theorising i prefer facts and truth backed up be demonstrable evidence.


In the last four years i have come across some truly shocking information along with damning evidence to back things up, for the truths of 911 to cures for cancer, child stealing and even being from elsewhere that are definitely not human in nature. I would like to stress that i am not gullible person and i am not easily fooled, i like to keep an open mind and a level head in order to facilitate my ability to realise the truth from fiction or obfuscation.


I consider my self an armature researcher and there is very few areas that i have not explored at least a little, i have co hosted radio shows, been a fill in guest participated in online debates, attended conferences and lectures, interviewed people and kept completely up to date with current affairs and occurrences for the past 4 years.


I thought there was no stone left unturned that was worth exploring up until a couple of months ago.
I was browsing youtube and came across a series of fairly short videos put together in order to introduce and welcome people into the topic in the most sensible and non threatening way. Here is the 13 part series that includes an introduction, all the parts , sections or ”clues” are less than 15 mins long and are bite sized, this is where many many people started including my self and it is a perfect if not the perfect place to begin to comprehend the subject. I urge you please to have a look at this and i commend the level of professionalism and depth of accuracy contained in this mans work.


I feel it necessary to say that this is not a joke this is not a cult a religion or anything strange, weird or closed. It is just the truth, (in my opinion).


This information is literally very hard to come to terms with and in my opinion should come with a warning that it will change your whole prospective on the world, and i do actually mean quite literally.


I found it hard due to it conflicting with a lot in the more in depth research i did in a particular Field, it changed my prospective and it was not easy however i stuck with it and i strongly encourage anyone to do the same and please stick with it.


The topic is so profound and important i can not think of any other topic that effect everyone barring none and defiantly has the potential to unite humanity and bring down the powers that be due to the magnitude of the lie being perpetrated on humanity one the topic sinks in to your comprehension i am sure you will know what i mean.
Everything else within the ”truth topic” fields is pale in comparison, in my opinion.


I suggest you begin to look into this topic, take it seriously, and cover it in your research and show content, my recommendations are, Mark Sargent, Jeranism and Eric Dubay as guests and content providers for points of research.


This topic is defiantly paradigm changing and will divide people and without doubt cause a very very notice reaction in many people and i know that this is down to the reality of the information the topic contains.


If you have not already noticed i have not included the name of the topic yet as to hope you would get all the way to the end and not just disregard it after hearing the term in a knee jerk reaction like many do and just like i did until 4 years in of my researching many topics, it sure does provoke a reaction in people weather they are aware of it or not and i would not go anywhere near it at all because i just did not realise there was any credibility to it until i took the time to actually sit down and look at it seriously much like 911 being an inside job, chemtrails, cancer cures, vaccine damage, u.f.o’s ect ect ect. The re is an abundance of evidence that we do certainly not live on a spinning ball / globe at the very least like we have been told and that the lies that nasa tell are well above and beyond what people think or at least what i thought anyway, and i do not mean going or not going to the moon, bigger than that.

Finally, please do take this email seriously and with fairness as i have put some time and effort into it and i do struggle with spelling and grammar sorry for that, i actually composed this email a couple of weeks ago but lost the whole thing before sending it and this is a re wright, also i will be sending the body of this email to a few people but by no means is it a bulk or spam message and i promise i will choose who i send it to very carefully ans with intelligent consideration.


Thank you very much for reading this email.

From: Andrew Johnson [mailto:ad.johnson@ntlworld….]
Sent: 18 November 2015 18:38
To: ‘Chris Truth Seeker’
Subject: RE: Future topic and or guets.




It seems you have deliberately avoided my "contact" page on my website. Why would that be? Would it be because I could then point out you don’t read? Which would make sense because clearly you cannot observe reality.



Read,  understand and know the truth for yourself. It’s either that – and an admission that you’ve been fooled or it’s "Good luck and goodbye forever."


This then came via my contact page, proving he’d clicked on it

—–Original Message—–

From: info@checktheevidenc… [mailto:info@checktheevidenc…]

Sent: 18 November 2015 18:47


Subject: That was undeserved.


Below is your request/order. Please keep a note of it for reference!

It was submitted by

18:47:16 18-Nov-2015





Recipient: info@checktheevidenc…


Message text: I did try to contact you here but it limited my message

and i couldnt condence the email down any further.



Please forgive me for sending you an email?





There is no need to be so rude to me, i don’t deserve that at all.


please could you check the evedence of the topic?




I didnt think you would react like this to be honest, i regret

emailing you i should of used this contact page but like a stated it

limits people and i cant condence it down any further, if you have

allredy deleted the email i can re send it.



Let me know,


Thanks, Chris.



And again there is no need to be so harsh, that quite upset me






Char count: 374

From: Andrew Johnson [mailto:ad.johnson@ntlworld….]

Sent: 18 November 2015 19:14


Subject: RE: That was undeserved.


Ah so you DID read my contact page!


So what I wrote WAS deserved (and correct). You obviously also don’t understand I HAVE checked the evidence.


Hence, you are now blocked for wasting my time.


Again good luck in your chosen world.


He then wrote to me again even though I’d already said I didn’t want to be contacted about this (and I’d explained why). Why is this guy so desperate?



Recipient: info@checktheevidenc…

Message text: YOU have totally missed the biggest lie perpetuated on humanity and refuse to even re address the information when it is pointed out to you.

The height of ignorance.


If you think that keyboard bravery is some kind of win then i think you are a total loss to the research community.


Again, you have been totally out of order with me and i didn’t deserve that, if you continue this behavior i will publicize your obvious faults and character flaws.


If you ever respond to me like this again i will use the despicable and disgusting examples of your character to shame you, there was no need to respond to me like that you are bang out of order with your messages to me, rood arrogant and down right offensive and repugnant.


How dare you? who do you honestly think you are?


(no need to answer, i already know)


Funny how this topic provoked the real awful parts of you, perhaps maybe because it challenges everything you THINK you know and perhaps maybe because it is true, you hideous little man.


Char count: 1



Comment: So, the guy wants to get my take – but when I point out he is wrong, I am a "hideous little man" – so much for seeking the truth, ay?



Update 03 Apr 2017

Efforts continue to to discredit serious research(ers)…. Each red [1] was a link to a "Flat Earth" video which I deleted i.e. about 10 posts were made in a few minutes.



 And from June 2016….

See for more explanation:…

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