9-11 Observable Evidence DVD Set


Set of 6 DVDs about what Happened to the WTC and How It was Covered Up

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Set of 6 DVDs about what Happened to the WTC and How It was Covered Up

On 24 Dec 2021, I received a set of very well thought-out videos on a USB stick (this is one more reason why I don’t worry about putting my home address on my website…) Someone has gone to a lot of trouble to edit together almost 15 hours of videos about Dr Judy Wood’s book and my book. Please do share these videos (perhaps one at a time) in your groups and networks etc. Also feel free to download them and re-upload them if you have a YouTube channel. Be aware that some of the videos may be too long to upload to some places. (I had to split them between “Bitchute” and “Rumble” due to size limits.)

The creator(s) did not identify themselves, so we cannot thank them for the enormous amount of work that has gone into creating these videos (probably several months of work). Perhaps we can all help to “make a difference” by using them.

911 The Essential Guide

 1 hour – Even more cut down version. Lies somewhere between a long trailer for “Observable Evidence” and a mini documentary. 

911 Liars for Truth 

3 hours – A cut down version of “Observable Evidence.” Focuses on the Truth Movement. 

911 Observable Evidence 

4 parts, 8 chapters. About 10 hours in total. Nothing particularly new or ground-breaking here. Just a nicely packaged and methodical presentation of the usual information. Gives a good sense of what happened physically. Assumes no knowledge at all. For the truthers it effortlessly demolishes the thermite/ nukes theories. 

See this link for more info and links to watch all the videos online: www.checktheevidence…



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