Update and Explanatory YouTube Video about PiSkyTracker

From: Andrew Johnson

Date: 2013-08-12 23:10:13

A few days ago, posted an explanatory video, which might make things a bit clearer. I will be making another short video explaining how to use it and what data I want to get from it – with the help of others. As not many people have expressed an interest in buying the kits, (or simply don’t have the money to spare for something like this) I think I am going to have to make up some kits and offer them to people – watch this space, as it were. www.youtube.com/watc…   In preparation for making the next video, I have written a short illustrated guide as to how to set up the hardware.   www.checktheevidence…   This should give people an idea as to whether it’s “too technical” for them to deal with. I will also be explaining in more detail how the data is gathered and how the data can be used and what it may (or may not) show.   For the moment, I have been testing the software, whilst adding more features. I will be loaning 1 or 2 kits to others for further soak testing in the next week or two – now that I feel the software is in a “good enough state” for someone else to try.   If I have my tracker switched on, you may be able to “find it” at this link:   piskytrack.no-ip.biz…   If you click the buttons on the top right, you may get some idea of what I’ve tried to put in the software.    

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