An antidote to some of the “doom and gloom”….

From: Andrew Johnson

Date: 2005-10-05 22:57:19

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A Conversation with

Walter Cronkite
& Congressman Dennis KucinichVideo excerpt now online! “What is quite clear – and would become clear as you go along with this campaign – is that you are trying, and I consider myself with you on this in every way… [To create] not only a massive but a basic change in our culture, in our entire approach to our relationships with other human beings… It’s not a matter of simply getting another Department of government. You’re speaking of an entire philosophical revolution.”~Walter Cronkite Watch video online now!   Also Conference Photos Updated!   Read Congressman John Conyers prepared remarks to conference attendees. Congressman Conyers meeting with MI group on the hill, getting them pumped up! Excerpt… “It is fitting we meet here today. Back in 1792, Dr. Benjamin Banneker, the famed African-American inventor and scientist in Washington, proposed a Department of Peace for the new Nation to his friends George Washington and Thomas Jefferson. His prophetic suggestion was not implemented; but now, more than 200 years later, the need for a Peace Department is too compelling to ignore. Since we met 2 years ago, we have seen new eruptions of violence in the Middle East, Africa, Asia and even Western Europe. Here at home gang warfare persists, along with the tragic levels of domestic violence. Even Hurricane Katrina has shown how desperation and frustration can lead to senseless violence within a community. Some of you have come to Congress before. Those of you lobbying Congress for the first time should remember this. You are exercising a right so basic to democracy that it is named in our Constitution: the right to petition your government. President Eisenhower put it well when he said that “Politics should be the part-time profession of every American.”Read Full Text   Ebay AuctionConference posters personally signed by
Walter Cronkite, Congressman Dennis Kucinich and Marianne Williamson!
Many of you who attended the conference saw our lovely conference posters we used at the doorways (above). We had them personally signed by Walter Cronkite, Congressman Kucinich and Marianne Williamson — signed in big letters across the outline of the golden hill. We are auctioning them off on Ebay as a fundraiser for The Peace Alliance. These are high quality posters mounted on foam board. We will start the auction off with the big poster, which is 24″x36″. The first auction will start tomorrow, Friday September 30th at 1:00 p.m. eastern, 10:00 a.m. pacific. The first auction will last for 7 days. We also have two somewhat smaller posters, 18″x24″, that we will auction off in October. Keep posted to our website for dates for the other two! You can use the link below, or if for any reason that does not work, our Item number is 6564316585. You can visit to participate. ebay auction link   DONATE NOW! We need your support financially. From conference planning to web design to organization and training, our staff continues to keep the campaign moving. Please help us in building an organization capable of moving the campaign forward even more. If a thousand people donate even $20 dollars a month (the price of a pizza!) then we will be able to fully pay our staff, establish an office in Washington and increase our effectiveness around the country. If you are already a monthly donor, please consider increasing your donation; if you are not already a donor, please become one now. It is only through our shared giving that we will be able to accomplish the task at hand. We gratefully accept one-time donations as well. To donate, visit: www.thepeacealliance…   Jan Hartke video Jan is a long time Social Justice advocate and son of Senator Vance Hartke, who originally introduced the Dept. of Peace legislation back in 1969. Watch a clip of his inspiring talk at our conference. Watch now! ***** Watch for more video clips posted online in the coming weeks!  
Contact your member of Congress now and tell them to support H.R. 3760 in the House and S. 1756 in the Senate. Click here to send a message
Youth Bear Hug
Due to the interest in our Youth to Youth Hurricane Katrina Bear Hugs Project the deadline for participation has been extended through the month of October. click here     Donate Now! Use your money to create a more peaceful future. With your financial support, we can make this here     Email Joinclick here     Tell a Friend!
click here Send a note to your friends about our campaign.   Sign-up to be a Congressional District Team Leader Or find one in your community… Groups now active in 46 states and over 280 congressional districts! click here     Conference Calls Monthly Call Oct 4thlearn more   Nonviolent Communications Oct. 6thlearn more       Department of Peace on CNN!Watch streaming video now on our website. Featuring Rep. Dennis Kucinich and Marianne Williamson Click here     New Campaign Information Cards. Order now!.     Order Buttons and Bumper Stickers now! The Peace AlliancePO Box 3259 Center Line, Michigan 48015 USA Tel (586) 754-8105 Fax (586) 754-8106www.ThePeace…Info@ThePeaceAllianc… You are subscribed to this list as marina@remington3166…. Click here to unsubscribe, or send email to unsubscribe.54274.44…. Our postal address is P.O. Box 3259Center Line, Michigan 48015United States No virus found in this incoming message.Checked by AVG Anti-Virus.Version: 7.0.344 / Virus Database: 267.11.9/116 – Release Date: 30/09/2005

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