Analysis of What Happened to Flight MH370

In the video below, I briefly discuss a video that was sent to me by Julia, which seems to explain what happened to MH370. It seems incredible, but the analysis is persuasive. The video analysis by IT consultant Ashton Forbes contends that flight MH370 got into difficulties (probably due to a fire in the hold) and then, some sort of sea-borne system was deployed and 3 Orbs encircled and tracked the moving aircraft and then it was seen (on 2 different videos) to disappear. The videos shown were allegedly leaked by someone at the NRO or an agency with access to top secret drone and satellite footage.

Bob Greenyer of MFMP has also made a video in relation to this, where he discusses his research into the science behind this technology – which relates to free energy and anti-gravity. This then leads us back to Nikola Tesla and what allegedly happened in experiments he carried out using high voltages and high currents – items seemingly disappeared. This is mentioned in a short discussion from the 1980s or 1990s by Andrea Pujarich. (See the video and links below!)

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Andrea Puharich on Tesla (Odysee VIdeo)

Hi Andrew,
Yeah definitely a muddle-up in my opinion. Fake truthers and fake debunkers going at it, while amassing millions of views in a month (far more than Dr. Judy Wood related 9/11 videos have garnered in years…). 
Ashton Forbes now claims the tech was used to “save” the plane from the lithium ion batteries fire……
And a correction to my earlier email, Ashton Forbes actually created his Twitter account in January 2014, 3 months before the MH370 disappeared! 
Here is an interesting set of timings:



The RegicideAnon YouTube channel was created 4 days before uploading the alleged teleportation videos, and his Twitter account was created 3 days afterwards while specifically mentioning MH370. I have listed this out in Telegram:

Note that Ashton Forbes gives the false narrative that RegicideAnon uploaded videos prior to the MH370 videos (he didn’t) and never mentions that the channel was created specifically to upload those videos (aka not a random UFO person receiving the “leaks”).


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