Another Update on RDH Case (08 Mar 2024)

This is just a reposting of what Richard D Hall has sent out on 08 Mar 2024



As you may know I am currently defending myself at the High Court in a civil action, which is attempting to bring an injunction to censor Richplanet TV investigations, and for 50,000 pounds in damages.

At the summary judgment court Hearing on 29th January, the court room was not big enough to hold all of the supporters, and a number had to leave. I promised those people that I would get a transcript of the Hearing. I have now obtained a copy, and it can be downloaded from this link.…

The case was discussed in my last video here,…

The next court Hearing is a case management conference which will be held on Wednesday 13th March 2024, scheduled to last for 1 hour from 3:30pm to 4:30pm, which will be an online hearing using Microsoft Teams, where anyone can watch. The Hearing is intended to discuss and decide upon what is going to happen next in the case. If you want to watch it live online, I will be posting a link on the main page of the Richplanet website. I suggest you visit the site some time before 3:30pm. Note that you must turn off your own camera and audio, and all the usual High Court rules apply.

I’d like to thank two journalists who have been diligently covering my case, and please do look at their work, they are Gemma O’Doherty and Iain Davis. You can find their material and coverage from these links.

Richard D. Hall – A Travesty of Justice

The Manchester Arena False Flag

Gemma is in a similar situation in Ireland to myself, she is battling against the Irish Courts for her fearless journalism, and also needs public support.

I may be presenting some live speaking events in the near future – to raise funds for my legal defence, but nothing definite yet. Details will be posted on the website and posted in a newsletter if and when they are arranged.

Also note that you can download, free of charge, the entire archive of over
300 Richplanet programmes and films from this link.…

And finally, I will remind you of the legal fund, which is being used to fund legal expenses if you wish to donate, details can be found from this link.…

Thanks for all your help !

sapere aude


P.S. If you are interested in German New Medicine, which was discussed in Show no. 280, follow this link for some up coming events,


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