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There is nothing particularly new to report here and neither do I have any news/updates about Richard D Hall – as far as I am aware, he’s just getting on with life and doing what he can to fend off the legal case etc. He is OK as far as I know, though.


Since the last posting/website update, I have 2 or 3  short YouTube updates on the links below:…

DVDs/USB Sticks

For those interested in the DVDs, I have, like Richard D Hall, now stopped making them, as the demand has gone down and it takes quite a bit of time and effort to produce them (I’ve done this manually for nearly 18 years). You can now get USB sticks from me with larger collections of stuff, if you wish. These can be played from a desktop or laptop PC or if you get an adapter, you can play them on a more mobile device such as a phone or tablet.


Also, I’ve done 3 interviews with different people – Stew Peters, Jeremy Nell and another “Fockham Hall” interview – links below.…

Top link here:


Fockham Hall (Eric Von Essex)…

Truth Summit 2

Finally, I was recently interviewed for the Truth Summit, 2 weeks of interviews with amazing truth-tellers.

The dates: Oct 23 – Nov 3.

Each interview free for 48 hours. 

Here is direct link to all the people:…

There’s a link to register right at the top.

Here are the links to the interviews with me:………

Here is a quick overview of the topics and the people:

Mon, Oct 23 – Injustice and Mind Control – Reiner Fuellmich and Cathy O’Brien

Tues, Oct 24 – Media Control & Targeting – Robert, arborist and Elana Freeland

Wed, Oct 25 – Creating Hate and Self-Hate – Elsa, Joel Gilbert and Harry Richardson

Thurs, Oct 26 – UFOs, Aliens, “Energy” Technologies, Plus – Andrew Johnson

Fri, Oct 27 – Living a Life Well Lived – Rabbi J, Elana Freeland and Elsa

Week Two: 

Mon, Oct 30 – Strategies and Solutions – Dexter Ryneveldt and Peggy Hall

Tues, Oct 31 – Islam and the Quest for Truth – Elisabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff and Frank Salvato

Wed, Nov 1- Follow the Money – Greg Mannarino and Alex Newman

Thurs, Nov 2 – Truth and Freedom Warriors – Karen Siegemund and Roman Shapoval

Fri, Nov 3 – Creating Our Future – Many Voices, One Vision

For more about the people, and to register, here is the link:…


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