A Few Comments about the Maui Wildfire Disaster – and Floods in China

I’ve received a flurry of emails and comments about the terrible disaster in Maui and have included a few of the links I was sent below. The speculation about the use of DEW seem to have triggered interest in the WDTTG book and what not (few more sales over the last few days!) See: www.drjudywood.com/

This video is  somewhat weird… but…

… but the burning boats could be explained by the fire spreading to the harbour and setting the boats alight while moored and then the mooring ropes burn through too.

I hadn’t even heard about them until someone sent me a link – I don’t really look at any news sources now (certainly no mainstream ones).
Discussion the use of DEW has followed almost every occurrence of wildfires in the last few years, but I certainly haven’t properly investigated Maui events and I don’t think Dr Wood has (we haven’t spoken about it/them).
What needs to be emphasised is that Dr Wood only started posting about 9/11 in 2004 – after considerable investigation. Yet folks post “DEW in Maui” in the 1st 24 hours after the events.
Of course, on 911 there really wasn’t a lot of fire – compared to the amount of destruction. Someone sent me some photos of “toasted cars” from Maui – but I haven’t studied them closely.
Another person sent me a note about there being 2 storms/hurricanes either side of Maui (I think) which is kind of interesting, but needs carefully study to establish any relevance of these things.
Dr Reiner Fuellmich sent me a short video regarding the plans to “Reset” Maui to be a smart city. There were similar plans for the damaged parts of California after the wild fires apparently.
Regarding the latter, we got quite a few emails, which triggered us into making the following video and posting:
Bottom line – someone needs to do a thorough investigation like Dr Wood did of 9/11 – but she hasn’t volunteered to do it… And neither have I, sorry!
Some sort of predictive programming here, perhaps:
Strange account:
Typhoon makes 90 degree turn near China:
Further notes from a reader:

Hi Andrew,


Sorry to write on this subject again, its getting embarrassing now and probably annoying. I got wrapped up in this, like it sounds a few others did too, and there might be a reason for this which I explain here. I’ve listened to your replies and your approach is the right one but I think something is off about this story. I’ve realised something that could be significant and found more interesting information, so to put it to bed from my side here’s one more email.


The lady I sent you the link for talking about her mum nearly being caught in the fires – who was not very convincing turns out not to just be a concerned local. She hosts a show regularly featured on Infowars.  madmaxworld.tv/watch… she can be found on Infowars platform banned.video, and guess the coincidental name of the last guest she had on the show mid July – ‘Rob Dew’.  The video of her I sent you shows her tag as Unjected, also I zoomed in on her website images and that video and corroborated a mole on her chin, and her teeth to confirm it is her.  She is the founder of a dating company based in Maui called Unjected unjected.com/pages/a… but has a postal address in Florida which is maybe odd, maybe not. Where non vaxxed people can date other non vaxed people, nothing divisive in that then! When launched her company was all over mainstream press when apple banned the app from their store. If you search ‘anti vaxxer dating app’ you will see it got covered worldwide by mainstream and was joked about on US chatshows etc..I doubt many people interested in dating at that time don’t know about her company now. My point is she’s linked to the Infowars grift, that some link to US and Israeli intelligence. Another much weaker link to Infowars is that the co-founder ‘Heather’ was living in Texas immediately before they started this podcast series, placing here in the same City as Infowars, she states this on their first podcast. www.banned.video/wat…


So Greg Reece another Infowars featured contributor put out this video, with claimed evidence from CCTV of big flashes. He always makes the most scary videos of the all powerful ruling elite. madmaxworld.tv/watch… it is however interesting. I’m going to message him to see if he will cover Dr Wood!

Alex Jones covers DEW in his latest show – which I will watch later through gritted teeth.


Here is a better attempt by the RDB3 guy to show interesting info, there is video in here of laser type beams seemingly going to the ground (from other incidents) and satellite weather data that has been cut from the record at the time of the fires. So more interesting than the photos, but not enough info again, that’s a massive finding to have video of live destruction, but no follow up, no location, no video of the ground the next day, no witness statement. These videos are quite likely to be a hoax. 153news.net/watch_vi…


It’s clear to me now there is a narrative being built and Infowars are a part of that, hence why so many people contacted you, for me this info never presents itself, you need to look, but not this time, and it caught me off guard. There are also other stories on banned.video about arson fires leading to the reported forest fires,  again building a counter government narrative showing the absurdity of the climate reporting. When this happens it can be because the truth is another thing entirely or a social engineering endeavour.  The term Directed Energy Weapon is also a general term, for an example, a bullet fired from a pistol could also be described in literal terms as a DEW in terms of kinetics. So it is concerning that people, myself included hear that term and link it to 911, we need to stop doing that, there are probably many forms of DEW and this noise should not detract from that work. Another lesson learned.


Anyway, I’m dropping the subject now as it’s not credible until such times as you rightly say the right person can go to the right place to properly investigate. I learned a lot from your Chat with Dr Wood on the California fires. Wise words well heeded


Miles Mathis comments in detail:

Why are They FAKING Photos from Maui?



Miles Mathis lies about Dr Judy Wood’s research – can you spot where?

Also see: 
What’s different?

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