FW: Institute of Physics Writes About Crop Circles

From: Andrew Johnson

Date: 2011-08-01 22:56:26

  From:Sent: 01 August 2011 19:31To: Andrew JohnsonSubject: Physics could be behind the secrets of crop-circle artists Physics could be behind the secrets of crop-circle artists  www.iop.org/news/11/… Quote: According to Taylor, physics could potentially hold the answer, with crop-circle artists possibly using the Global Positioning System (GPS) as well as lasers and microwaves to create their patterns, dispensing with the rope, planks of wood and bar stools that have traditionally been used. Microwaves, Taylor suggests, could be used to make crop stalks fall over and cool in a horizontal position – a technique that could explain the speed and efficiency of the artists and the incredible detail that some crop circles exhibit. Indeed, one research team claims to be able to reproduce the intricate damage inflicted on crops using a handheld magnetron, readily available from microwave ovens, and a 12 V battery.  

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