USAPs – a piece of Modern Day Verse by my Talented Friend Brian Col

From: Andrew Johnson

Date: 2006-01-25 12:52:34

USAPS   Unacknowledged Special Access Programs Brian Coleman, Jan 2006   U, S, A, P, S   (whispered)  Unacknowledged … Special ….. Access …… Programs   USA … PS,  I love you   USAPS, USAPS, you saps, YOU SAPS   Top secreted agents with Cosmic Top Secretion clearance sales Oozing ready-made palliatives for our collective ennui shall overcome MI-5, give me five, buddy can you spare a diamond geezer A fibre of truth undismissed as fiction, conviction, superstitionalised and Spin doctored within an inch of its life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness   USA … PS, I love you   80 billion consummation of glittering greed Need of mass population hallucination nation Subjugation of creation bit by bit, byte by byte Revolutions tied, denied, electronic eyes see improved lies The devo-lution WILL BE TELEVISED   USAPS, you saps, YOU SAPS   Reengineering fantasies power from the crass masses Tax mo-knees up, squeezed assets cetera … tera Liberating us from our intellection fraudulation So much to screw, so few timing devices Explode into dust the last trust and accountabiliteasing bastards Task masters and johnson, decrepid necrophilistines   Unacknowledged … Special ….. Access ………. Programs   Free energy on the way-ward decline Not in my lifetimeless necessity The scandal of the century! Nay, millennium, meridian dome-icile while Not even a blip on the wee radar of consciousness scooped up in skull and bones By propaggrandising rags disguised as new-age newspapers aged for pubic consumption   USAPS … you saps   U-S-A! … PS, I love you   ZPE, Zero point energy sucked clean Castrated the savage groins of inventors past their primates Phallicised Tesla coils snaking round the EM fabrication While FBI men with sticky fingers rifle through the pilfered crack asses of Exoticlean technologies past their sell by data   USAPS … you … saps!   Heaven help us we should sodomise The true depths of infantile gimposition Impotent de-position, representative malnutrition Privy to revolutions dematerialising in time For hybrid cars to drive down the empty cul-de-sacs of technologee whizz Ostensible progress in transgress aggression, agro-businessmendacity Lining up to take the white cyber cock of death incrementally   USA … PS, I love you … when you talk … dirty   A future sadystopia Time future is time pastures And all their yesterdaze have paved their ways to lusty deaths Oil-splattered wastelands of hyperbolic chamber orchestration Big Brother in ratings wars with How Clean is your Fucking House It’s fucking filthy, that’s what it is you TVD Syphilitic, parasitic plower of human kinder garden   USAPS .. Unacknowledged … Special ….. Access …… Pogroms   Sterile homes for the space-aged 50 years past their prime time nightly newscastaways The end is near!  It’s so close they can sniff it Putrid scentury hallowed be thy shaman, blame-game of bastardised integriteeny weeny Polka dot bikini atoll too great to contemplate Nagasaki pleas   U-S-A!  U-S-A!  U-S-A!   Canadian Hutchison Effecting antigravity field of dreams Groped by pentagon penises gyrating pelviscenery Area 51derful corpuscular scalar weapon HAARPing Dr Strangelovely lil’ DU babies Groom Laking Rendelsham fly SWATting ET incarcerating Mating genital electro-probing Guantanamo retali-hating   U-S-A!  U-S-A!  U-S-A!   Unacknowledged … Special … Access … Programs!     U-S-A!  U-S-A!  U-S-A!  (whispered) PS, I love you

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