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From: Andrew Johnson

Date: 2006-04-09 13:49:18

Some people think this is nonsense – fair enough. I think it might be closer to the truth than some are willing to accept. But who knows. As ever, take it or leave it. I will try to post the audio when I have had time to edit it down etc. Update on the interview last night with Dr. Boylan, PhD.     First of all, who is Dr. Boylan?   Dr. Richard Boylan, Ph.D., MSW, M.S. Ed., B.A.
Internationally-noted Researcher of UFOs/Star Visitors and of human Star Kids/Star Seed adults, Behavioral Scientist, Exo-Anthropologist, emeritus University Associate Professor of Psychology, Registered Social Worker, Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, and Councillor.
He has credentials up the wazoo, and is highly respected.  He does not have a “reputation” as a fringe person or a “nut”.  His research is CORROBORATED by other researchers, scientists and high government officials who are “coming out” openly at this time.  For those who find the information “beyond belief”, I suggest doing further research.   Today, there are approximately 3.7 billion humans walking the planet who are genetically advanced.  This includes those who incarnated here from other star systems, as well as those who were directly altered through generations of contact.  For example, the Indigo/crystal phenomenon is the result of, largely, beings from Zeta Reticuli who were able to slip in and out, upgrade the genetics, and through hypnotic suggestion “erase” the memory.  Those individuals had children, and their children had children, etc.  So it wasn’t necessary to make the upgrade to everyone.  Generations are springing up everywhere, and if the truth were to be revealed today, and everyone who has had contact spoke out, the question of “if” would be put to rest permanently.   Why is this information “coming out” now?   It’s time.  And we’re running OUT of it.  Our planet is being destroyed (killed), those in power have no integrity, have held the advanced technology which was given to them for ALL mankind, in super top secret underground labs, to be used for WEAPONS, not life or healing.  The Star Nations have decided the original agreements made with the “cabal” in 1961 and 1964, are null and void.  At those super secret meetings were representatives from Russia (Kruschov), Europe (Prince Bernhardt and Queen Elizabeth II), China (a rep FOR Mao Tse Tung), and U.S. (David and Laurence ROCKEFELLER and the director of the BILDERBERG group, with EISENHAUER), met together, after having been contacted individually for years.  The meeting was held 12/12/61 at the London Dutchess Palace, in the Grand Ball Room.   The agreement involved the Star Nation’s plan to upgrade us, where they wanted us to stop firing on their ships.  Rockefeller insisted upon a number of demands which would provide the U.S. with highly sophisticated technology in all areas.  In order to continue with the upgrade, which was done to help raise the level of consciousness, and “save” or become responsible for ourselves and our planet, they agreed, though not with glee.  Yes, they “knew” the motives of those they were dealing with, but it bought time, and permitted their efforts to help, to continue, supposedly unabated.   WE (the secret or shadow government), kept a THIGHT lid on this, and did NOT keep the agreement.  We’ve continued to hamper their efforts, fire on the ships (then claim it was an “accident”), and kept complete track of ALL who had been “upgraded”.  Many of those people were picked up by govt. agents, drugged and implanted with fake memories of horrible experiences with the “aliens”, such as prodding, poking, and other atrocities.  Our govt. has been spreading DIS and MIS information about the advanced beings, to discredit them.  Hence, the agreements have been voided that were made with the “elite, wealthy” who have no interest in humanity, only in their own total control and power (NWO).   The Star Nations are going AROUND these “despicable” people, corrupt and selfish, to contact us DIRECTLY EN MASSE.  They do not want to interfere, but to ASSIST us with saving the planet and our own lives.  Apparently, we are a couple “clicks” below the level of advancement which would ordinarily interest them in involvement, but they have made an exception, having seen our potential.  The results, so far, are the “new kids” with advanced skills, telepathy, empathy, psychic abilities, and a higher level of consciousness, or awareness.  Chances are, anyone reading this IS an advanced genetic being.   96 percent of those born TODAY are now advanced, and will have many abilities.  We know for a fact that most have been drugged with prescriptions that have “disabled” them, and most are misdiagnosed as “autistic”, etc.  In the near future, there will be TEAMS created to address specific areas, with members from our planet and “them”, working together.  For instance, the main area of concern is healing our living planet, which is a being in her own right.  Starvation, war, free energy, healing dis-ease, and advancements for ALL OF US, will be common place.  There will be none holding all the cards, using the technology for their own global ends, to manipulate or control.  We all know intuitively that our planet and our society’s are ailing, due to the negative impact of a minority with a dark agenda.    Some of those reading this will intuitively “know” the truth of it.  Many will not.  Everything possible is being done to “awaken” ALL those starseed, star adults who have not yet realized WHO they are.  Most of the 3.7 billion have not yet awakened.  Those who have awakened are assisting by sharing information, with as many as possible.  Truth is stranger than fiction, and the coming years will be exciting, to say the least.  I know for myself that I’ve held back any “excitement” when attempting to “believe”, but we can begin letting it up, and cheering inside because we will soon KNOW beyond doubt, that we’re not crazy, our own intuition and truth IS correct, and that we are indeed AWAKENING to new realities.  Trust yourselves…  it’s time.    Finally, the “puzzle pieces” are beginning to fall into place.      Namaste’ Zany Mystic   Dr. Boylan’s website:   www.drboylan.com/ Yahoo! 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