FW: Free Gary McKinnon

From: Andrew Johnson

Date: 2006-05-15 16:34:13

  From Janis & Wilson (Gary’s parents.)   Subject: Gary McKinnon. Pledge to oppose Gary’s proposed extradition to the United States.   We are very afraid that our son Gary might be extradited to the United States to face a possible seventy years in a US prison for computer misuse/trespassing into Pentagon/military computers four years ago. Gary was originally questioned by the UK police four years ago; they told him that he would face six months community service but in the end the UK police decided not to prosecute Gary and he was released without charge.   Gary was arrested by UK police on behalf of America in 2005 (more than three years later) and now some four years after the event the US want to extradite Gary where he will face a possible seventy year sentence.   Thank you to everyone who is supporting Gary and all messages of support have been greatly appreciated by him, especially when he has been feeling a bit down. Gary’s bail conditions prevent him from using the internet but he wanted to thank everyone who took the time to send an email of support as it has meant a great deal to him. We’re writing to everyone to ask for your help in helping Gary.   We would be incredibly grateful if you could please sign the pledge (link at bottom of the page)  to write to the Home Secretary to voice your opinion against the proposed extradition of Gary (McKinnon) to the US. Gary is facing seventy years in an American prison for computer misuse. There were blank passwords and no firewall protecting the computers belonging to the government of the worlds superpower.   Gary is a kind and gentle musician who has acted in and composed music for the film Lunar Girl. He is not a malicious hacker and does not have any superior computer knowledge which was very basic at the time of the incident which was four years ago.  He admits he trespassed out of curiosity but he did not break in as there were no locks, no passwords (no security)   It is a reflection of our world when people who murder, rape and abuse children get sentences from as little as six months.    Our UK government/home secretary recently released hundreds of criminals including rapists and murderers from abroad, some of whom have very recently committed murder again in the UK, yet our government wants to send Gary to America to face seventy years in jail for a computer hacking offence.   We need all the help we can get and every signature will be greatly appreciated. If you could also actually write to John Reed, the Home Secretary voicing your opposition to Gary’s proposed extradition, that would be the best of all and would be greatly appreciated but please sign the pledge.    If everyone who signs the pledge below, could also add emails of friends who may sign that would also be incredibly helpful. These emails will only be used for this purpose and for no other.   All support would be gratefully appreciated   Kindest Regards   Gary’s parents www.pledgebank.com/F…   FreeGary.org.uk   www.lunargirl.com

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